Laura Holway talks processes to make your biz life WAY less stressy. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Laura Holway talks processes to make your biz life WAY less stressy.

This episode of That’s What She Said will make you feel less alone and more sane.  Bonus: you get to meet a rad new person and learn from her wisdom!

Laura Holway is a teacher, coach, writer, and kindred spirit. We met earlier this year. I immediately asked her to be on the podcast when I caught her talking about click-bait entrepreneurship and calling out the bullshit marketing practices that have hurt my soul over the last 11 years of owning a business.  (Related: the next level doesn’t exist.)

I invited her here to call out all sorts of bullshit, to help you remove yourself from those forms of bullshit, and to find the gifts that come after and from within the pain of our lives.

Laura uses a 5-step process to work with clients, and I wanted to walk through all 5 of those steps because they’re a.) brilliant and b.) clearly born of working the wrong way in order to find the right way.

Listen in as Laura Holway and I tackle learning to listen to your being, defining your center, connecting, experimenting, and creating support in your day-to-day entrepreneurial life!

Here are links to Laura’s Website ; Instagram; Newsletter; Podcast; and Tip Jar (it supports a scholarship fund for coaching — how very anti-capitalist!).  She also mentions Don’t You Feel It Too? 


P.S.  What’s the book Laura mentions that I sweep from my own shelf to quote in real time during this interview?  Proposals for the Feminine Economy by Jennifer Armbrust. (Related: an invitation to let your deep knowing drive the bus.)