So This Is the End with Alexandra Franzen. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

So This Is the End with Alexandra Franzen.

Have you ever followed a person for years without unsubscribing from their newsletter? I can only say that about a handful of people, and Alexandra Franzen is one of them. Writer, teacher, inspiring human, she’s with us in this episode of That’s What She Said to talk about her new book, ‘So This Is the End,’ available in hardcover now.

“The whole story came into my brain in a dream. It was the most intense dream I’d ever had. And then I decided, I wanna write about this.”

‘So This Is the End’ is a 24-hour, 24-chapter novel following a woman on her last day of life, and she knows it’s her last day of life.

Alexandra and I talk about how the novel came to be optioned for a TV series (!!!) after being released as a free download on her website. (YES, it went from free download to possibly appearing on the Netflix and being released in hardcover worldwide. NBD.)

We also dive deeply into three pieces of advice Alexandra has shared that have changed my life over the years. We talk about relationships, choosing to opt out of social media, and how to write sales pitches that don’t *feel* like sales pitches.

When I quit Facebook, it was Alexandra’s model in my head.  We talk about the how and why of not using social media at all, and how it’s okay to do business that way.

When I talk with my friends about whether a relationship is working, it’s Alexandra’s mantra that helps them see how it’s going without my putting my two cents in. 

…and when I write to you about new offerings and projects, it’s Alexandra’s model that got into my brain and that influences every word I say.  Listen in as she talks about writing invitations instead of sales pages, and the important differences between the two.

Listen in for a wise and witty conversation with a delightful human.

?? Go buy ‘So This Is the End’ from Indiebound, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or from your local independent bookseller, okay?  Okay.

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