Let's talk money with Hey Berna - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Let’s talk money with Hey Berna

The voices of typical financial gurus slide over my brain without taking hold: “Roth IRA blah blah INVESTMENTS blah blah 401(k) blah blah mutual funds blah I’m wearing a suit that cost more than your car blah…blah blah.”  I am an intelligent human, and yet.  THE BOREDOM.  Oh, the boredom!

How can anyone pay attention to financial advice for *any* period of time?

Enter Hey Berna.

I was just rolling along, minding my own business, when all of a sudden she helped me realize I could be earning free flights using airline points, and it’s so simple that I should stop everything and do that right now!  So, I’ll be taking a ton of free flights this year, and I know what my credit score is because I check it weekly, and I now regularly deposit dollars into an investment account.  BECAUSE BERNA.

In this interview, we talk about ALL THE MONEY THINGS, like:

+ Breaking the cycle of mental fuckery that tends to accompany money.  (You know, the one that keeps you from even knowing how bad it is, let alone how you can begin to solve it?  That cycle.)
+ How to get further in your financial choices with the help of a stranger
+ The best way to get your financial tasks handled without drowning your sorrows in 17 cans of beer and a pile of nachos
+ Money as self care and empowerment, not gross life task
+ Our shared disdain for typical financial gurus
+ Budgeting while traveling.  Which, to me, is like mixing nudity and below-zero temperatures, or fruits and meats.  Please, no.  Don’t mix them. But Berna has good thoughts on this!

I can’t wait for you to tune in, then go watch some of Berna’s videos and get all empowered about money, okay?

By day, Berna Anat is an Annoying Millennial and the creator of a financial advice video series for young people called Felicia’s Wallet. By night, she’s… the exact same thing. That’s because she saved up to quit her job in January 2018 and has been traveling the world debt-free ever since. Her portfolio includes work for Instagram, Seventeen, Glamour, Shape and The Huffington Post, which is hilarious considering she still talks herself though the bunny ear method every time she ties her shoes.

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