What to do when success equals panic - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

What to do when success equals panic

If you’re human, sometimes your own success scares the crap out of you.  That’s normal, and it’s something you can choose to face head on with a little help from today’s article.

Viewer question: I’m a photographer in the Louisville KY/Southern IN area (Hi y’all types) and I work my ass off.  So today I received an email notice from my online gallery storefront saying a new picture order was just received.  Yay.  I look at the order, scroll to the bottom at the total and its for OVER $1,000.  My heart sank.  I got sweaty and tight chested.  My reaction to this (what should be) wonderful order was TERROR and GUILT!  WTF!?!?! 

I felt so unworthy for such a large sale…but in the back of my head I KNOW I’M WORTH IT!!!!!  What’s wrong with me?!?!  When will I ever feel worthy??!?!

First, I hear you, and I’ve been there. You’re passionate, you’re gifted, and you’re ready to make a buck or two.

Then, when you actually receive the buck or two or ten thousand, you have a major problem. You feel like somebody punched you in the solar plexus and you sort of want to throw up.

Feel what you’re feeling — but try to observe that tight feeling and that sweat without labeling it as ‘bad.’

Uncomfortable, yes, but lots of things are uncomfortable in life without being bad.

The feeling of tight sweatpants on Thanksgiving is uncomfortable — but you’re full of mashed potatoes, what could be better?

Same goes for the last thirty seconds of a workout you just nailed or the first few minutes of meeting someone new.

Uncomfortable feelings mean you’re growing.

Acknowledge your sweaty, panicky physical reactions for what they are — uncomfortable, not life-threatening — and refuse to let ’em slow you down.

You’re succeeding in your work!

Given a bit more time and a few more successful sales, you’ll find that those sweaty, nervous reactions fade.

Even better, you’ll soon be able to identify those feelings as good indicators that you’re really pushing your limits as a human being.

Sweaty palms?  You’re evolving as a salesperson.

Punched in the solar plexus?  You’re evolving as an earning entrepreneur.

Tight throat?  You’re evolving as a communicator.

I say none of these things lightly — as it is friggin HARD to overcome the feelings that creep up surrounding our worth on this planet.  I just want to reframe the way you view each of these bodily reactions — as just that, bodily reactions!  If you can acknowledge the uncomfortableness without making it a bigger deal than it is, you’re well on your way to your next evolution as an entrepreneur.

P.S.  The next level for your business doesn’t exist. 😉

Photo // my own, spotting shenanigans at Flying Kites in Njabini, Kenya