Talking Money and Happiness with Sarah Von Bargen - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Talking Money and Happiness with Sarah Von Bargen

You know those people who can take a few dollars and turn them into a fancy cocktail AND an overnight stay in a gorgeous cottage AND a freaking cute outfit?

I usually hate those people. 

But Sarah Von Bargen doesn’t count, because (she’s genius and) she doesn’t make me feel bad for spending way too much on the two cocktails with fancy umbrellas that I bought with the same money she stretched to purchase all the things.

More Money, More Happy Bootcamp is just the tip of her money wisdom iceberg!

In this episode of That’s What She Said, the wondrous and thrifty Sarah Von Bargen and I talk about:

  • why ‘having a budget’ does NOT translate to ‘absolute deprivation for all of time’
  • viewing a budget as a challenge versus a death sentence that condemns you to feeling broke and poor and WHY CAN’T I JUST GO TO TARGET AND SPEND $100 ON SNACKS AND SPARKLY THINGS, ANYHOW.
  • how saving money can actually be exciting (I shit you not!  I, too, am still skeptical of my own conversation with her, but she really is brilliant enough to make this savings thing feasible!)
  • the money habit she wishes she could magically make everyone on earth do (and it’s not even that big a deal.  Your fancy cocktails are safe.)
  • how to figure out what makes you happy, material-things-wise
  • why a highlighter and a handful of printouts just might revolutionize your spending
  • what a spending diet is, and why it doesn’t suck nearly as much as the name implies
  • how to create habits in order to counteract decision fatigue
  • …and how to move toward your big goals by putting your life on autopilot.

Sarah breaks my brain a few times.  I’m actually going on an actual spending diet and that is both a.) incredibly strange and b.) absolutely freeing.

I encourage you to join Sarah in the free 5-day More Money, More Happy bootcamp.

Feeling friendly?  Sarah’s got a Facebook group where she’s hosting the Spending Diet + Earning Spree.
I can’t recommend Sarah’s work enough, as either a friend or a teacher. Those are *not* affiliate links, either!  I just want to spread the good word and get you happier with your money as quickly as possible.

P.S.  What’s your true currency?  (Mine sure isn’t dollars and cents.)  And a reminder: money blocks are probably not your problem.