Are you just polishing the mailbox? - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Are you just polishing the mailbox?

I was driving down the road when I spotted an old man polishing his mailbox.

(In case that seemed like a normal sentence or you’re skimming: polishing. His mailbox.)


Like any kind and enlightened human being, I immediately judged him for having too much time on his hands and scoffed at his chosen activity. Really, dude? Really?

Buuuuuuut then I came up with alternate reasons for his mailbox polishing. Maybe his daughter was getting married and he was supposed to be landscaping the backyard for the ceremony but then he saw the mailbox smudges and they were a symbol of his love for his baby girl. Or maybe he was supposed to be finishing his novel and sending it off to his editor, but then he caught a glimpse of the good-for-nothing mailbox dirt that had to be solved right that second.

Maybe he was avoiding his big, important work.

Maybe he knew what he was supposed to be doing and he also wanted to avoid it with a seemingly useful task.

My guess is that, when it comes to growing your business or shaking up your personal life in order to make yourself happier or peaceful-er or wealthier or freer than ever, you already know what you have to do.

But you don’t do it.

Because it’s hard.
Because you’re tired.
Because you have Shiny Thing Syndrome.
Because you constantly second guess whether THIS thing is THE thing.
Because you’d rather eat ice cream and watch Hulu than tackle your to-do list.

Because there’s always a mailbox that needs polishing.

We all need accountability to help fight through the inertia and mailbox dirt, into the realm of our deepest fears and doubts (which is, of course, where our most fulfilling work and joy comes from).

Steer Your Ship is about doing the things you know you need to do with the support of someone who gives a shit about you and your work.  And that someone would be me.

It’s not that I have a REVOLUTIONARY STEP-BY-STEP PROGRAM GUARANTEED TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND MAKE YOU SO VERY SKINNY, or that I’ll say anything new and shocking and [insert buzz word here] that you haven’t vaguely heard in other places, though of course I’ve got a killer curriculum all lined up to share with you.

The trick of Steer Your Ship is that I help you figure out what’s right FOR YOU.

I listen to the words coming out of your mouth, and I listen to what your heart seems to be saying, and when those two things are in alignment we pause. I help you see that alignment, acknowledge it, and we move forward together from that connected, totally aligned point.

That means I’m capable of giving 100%-totally-and-completely-different advice to two people facing a very similar issue because I’ve take the time to listen to what those peeps are actually saying, to what they need, to their life circumstances, and to who they way-deep-deep-down ARE before opening my mouth. (Often, you’ll be jealous of the advice other people in Steer Your Ship get because it seems so EASY to do that thing she gets to do and I’m making you do something HARD, lol.)

I help you feel and know and experience the deep truth of who you are, and I help you bring your particular magic to light in every aspect of your life.

That work isn’t easy,
nor is it prescriptive.
It certainly isn’t simple.

But it is WORTH IT.

Instead of buying another $49 or $249 or $2000 product or course or class or seminar and white-knuckling your way through, determined that THIS TIME YOU’LL MAKE IT WORK, DAMMIT, it might be time to invest in untangling the threads of your own heart.

When you’re sure about what you want to do and why you want to do it;
when your whats and whys are broken into small daily steps instead of swirling in a tornado of overwhelm;
when you have a fellow human invested in holding you accountable;
everything shifts.

You move, you change, you find yourself more alive than ever before.

It all starts with listening to yourself.  Steer Your Ship will make it happen.

During our six months together we go on two retreats — one in Los Angeles, one in Philadelphia — and we hit up the 1-on-1 coaching, group accountability, and a series of activities that will knock your socks off. (READ: Private animal encounters.  Balconies with ocean views. Fun camp. Homecooked meals. Ocean time. Silly games and tears and laughter and hippie-dippie-woo-woo practices that will astound you, too.)

We live together for a few days, we meet online and in person as both a group and individually, and you grow into the next iteration of who you are over the course of six months together.

We stop polishing the mailbox and do the big, important work. 😉

Check out Steer Your Ship.  (As of this writing, there are 2 spots left in the 2017 program.)


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