Money blocks are complicated. Here's why. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Money blocks are complicated. Here’s why.

Once, a few years ago, I took one of those Heal Your Money Blocks classes because I was sure that I was pretty much money-broken. Later, I found out that my business had made more money in the previous year than the teacher’s had when she penned one of those tell-all, trendy-to-be-transparent essays about her income.

So um…I guess my money wasn’t blocked? Because I was making more than the teacher? But I didn’t FEEL like I had enough, ever…?

Dealing with money stuff — issues, blocks, concerns, patterns — is never as simple as when you ask someone to be your friend via a handwritten note in third grade.

Do you want to be my money block? Circle yes or no.

It’s actually a really tricky, sometimes sticky situation. (That’s what she said.)

…and we humans really want simple solutions to tricky situations.

Like when you have a sore throat, but really you have the flu, but really you have the flu because you’ve been sleeping for five hours a week for the last three weeks. Cough drops are a simple solution, sure, but the bigger deep down why-are-you-only-sleeping-for-five-hours-a-week stuff isn’t so simple.

Treating a money block is like treating a cough. Cough drops will take care of the symptom, but no mantra or affirmation is going to take the place of doing the work covered in today’s podcast.

Where you don’t allow money into your life, there are eight other things I’ll bet you don’t let into your life fully, and the implications of those elements go way further than whether or not you get paid fairly for your work.

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P.S. What if you stopped resenting money?