The excruciating pain of asking for what you want - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

The excruciating pain of asking for what you want

There’s an endless, always-growing stream of advice coming at you all the time when it comes to selling your products.

There are even MORE endless strategies you can employ to move products, but those strategies often ignore the thing behind the thing: selling your thing is hard. WAY more difficult than making your thing, shipping your thing, or selling other people’s things.

Selling boils down to the excruciating pain of asking for what you want.

It’s the art of taking this careful, delicate creature you’ve birthed as part of your business and asking people if they want it. (Over and over and over until you’re sure your friends will abandon you and you’ve managed to annoy the entire tri-state region with your promotions.)

Hearing the word “no” or being ignored is 100% guaranteed to be part of the selling equation.

Thus, it’s painful. Not everyone on Earth will want to buy the thing you’re making, or will make, or could dream of making.

The good news is, that’s true for everyone around you, too. No one human or company gets to have their work purchased and adored by all other humans. Everyone who’s selling anything hears “no” more than yes, faces the vulnerability of making things people won’t want, and keeps going. EVERYONE.

The art of selling is getting comfortable with what you’re bringing to the world and then asking people to buy it, no matter how many times you’ll hear the word “no” as part of the process.

Let’s dive deeper into this topic in this week’s episode of That’s What She Said. As always, I’ve got a few killer questions that just might help you do the important yet vulnerable, excruciating yet rewarding work of selling your wares to the world.

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