2 minutes to figure out what you really want. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

2 minutes to figure out what you really want.

Today, a super-simple exercise for figuring out what you REALLY want. It’s often hard to know what’s really working for us and what is falling flatter than a chocolate chip pancake when we’re in the trenches, but this exercise provides a little perspective.

First, freeze your business in your mind.

Think of your current clients, your current daily routine, and your current revenue. Get crystal clear about what, exactly, your business looks and feels like right this second.

Next, imagine one year from now. A miracle has happened! Your business has QUADRUPLED!

How does having four times more business feel?
Overwhelming, I’m sure, but what feels incredibly good or incredibly bad about the growth of your business just as it is now?
What products or services would you immediately eliminate if you knew your business was going to quadruple?
What systems would you pay more attention to? (A better e-mail setup? Better shopping cart? Better order delivery? Better booking setup?)
What would you STOP doing altogether?
What would you START doing today?

Based on that gut reaction, write down three baby steps you can take toward shaping the perfect business for YOU right this second.

This exercise tends to either a.) make people grin from ear to ear or b.) cause tears.

If you’re tipping the scales toward disliking your business, this possibility only brings you more of the same. Instead of drowning in that space, in which you get more of the same, let’s identify some key bits and pieces you can tweak to move toward the perfect business for you.

You can bet your sweet bippy that I use this when I’m weighing next moves. If business quadrupled tomorrow, I would hire a full-time virtual assistant and keep on keeping on, with a big grin on my face.

Full disclosure: the list of things to stop doing and start doing was reaaaaaaally long the first time I did this, and I’ve been working on steering the ship toward my ideal ever since.

What used to be on the list? Write more, eliminate photography business, get rid of photography studio, get solid photography referral lead for photography clients, learn more about marketing, attend a business conference, publish a book, and travel more were on the list. I was really clear about what I wanted and checked ’em all off one by one.

Consider the things you would stop doing and the things you would start doing.

Add one ‘stop doing it’ and one ‘start doing it’ to your calendar and revisit this exercise in a few weeks.

You’re steering the ship that is your business. Whether you’re thrilled at the prospect of quadrupled business or not, you’re in charge!

It’s entirely up to you to take the first steps toward making that gut reaction about your business into something deeply meaningful for you.

P.S.  If figuring out what you really want for your business — or how you’re going to get there — brings up only question marks, check out biz coaching with me!