Aspiring beam of light: an interview with Natalie Moser. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Aspiring beam of light: an interview with Natalie Moser.

You know how sometimes, you see a person going through something really difficult (like cancer) and think, ‘How is she doing that without losing her shit?’

When I saw that Natalie Moser was diagnosed with cancer, I expected to see endless chemo updates and requests for prayers. Instead, I saw a woman who continued to teach yoga and make art and do the right thing, just without hair when the cancer took it.  The whole thing was simultaneously a very big deal and NBD.


Since the new administration has taken office, Natalie has only gotten more passionate, more intense, and more inwardly gorgeous — she’s basically the living embodiment of the ‘Be the Human‘ philosophy — so I took the time to chat with her one-on-one in this interview for the That’s What She Said podcast.

We talk about her biggest gifts of the past few years, the ongoing challenges in moving toward health while living a full life, how she started to take action in her community, and how the arc of her life has prepared her for this very moment.  (Hint: the arc of your life has prepared you for this very moment, too.)

Listening in to Natalie’s wisdom is like taking a long sip from a cold stream on a summer day.  Enjoy!


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