Sarah Von Bargen talks $ w/out making you want to puke. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Sarah Von Bargen talks $ w/out making you want to puke.

A few months ago, Sarah Von Bargen and I had a brilliant conversation about habits and making new ones, and I was really proud of how it came out, and then Zencastr ate it. Just…ate it. Bear couldn’t save the audio. So, here we are trying again, with a new topic!

We’re talking about money.

::hears collective groan::

I know you’d rather not, because if one more person tells you to cut out lattes or drink your alcohol at home instead of at Happy Hour you’ll flip the tables and burn their house down. I get it. We dismiss Suze Ormann within 90 seconds of starting the conversation.

Sarah’s talking all about money in a new way.

What if we simply prioritized our purchases instead of spending on autopilot? What if we tapped into our unused resources to get a bank boost whenever we’d like? (Read: what if you sold all the shit you don’t use that’s lying around in your house, or started pet sitting for a few bucks, or tutored Algebra like you did back in the day?) What if we established habits that lead to actual financial health, not just more and more and more money that only leads to the pursuit of…more?

These are the questions we tackle, and you’ll really enjoy the answers.

We also sort out the bullshit that is manifesting in general, and in particular with methods like The Secret!

“Tapping on your temples and repeating mantras about manifesting abundance won’t help you stop buying throw pillows at Target.”

YUP, she’s brilliant.  Also, because you might be wondering! NOPE I’m not an affiliate for Bank Boost and I don’t make dollars from talking with Sarah in any way.  I simply love her.  I’ve even taken Bank Boost and created a new product because of it!

It’s Bear! It’s me! It’s me and Bear working together to make you more money with every sale you make! Sales Boost is all about seeing and fixing the places where you’re losing your peeps’ interest, then correcting them so you don’t have to work so damn hard to bring in more income.

There are 3 spots available for this experiment, check it out!

P.S. Are you like, ‘I KNOW HER!’ – but from where?  Here’s our last interview together.