Sales Boost - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Sales Boost

Have you ever noticed that you’re not the best objective judge of your own business?

Like, you need someone to come in and kick the tires and see how it all comes together (or doesn’t), so you can get more peeps to lock it in/sign up/convert/buy — usually by making a few simple tweaks that you would *never* have found all by yourself?

Sales Boost is here to help.

I’ll give your sales process the once-over by looking over (an enormous questionnaire and) your pricing, your typical followup responses to inquiries, and the way you collect dollars from clients, including your contracts and deposits.

Bear will take on your sales process from the front end, posing as a client who wants to hire you in order to measure your real-time response times and sales talk, while also putting your forms, systems, buttons, and pricing documents to the test.

Wait, who’s Bear and WHY is he qualified to do this? The short resume is: he’s a.) my partner and b.) a wedding DJ who’s left over 900 happy brides in his wake, as well as c.) the manager of a 7-figure entertainment business.  We’ve been trying to cook up a way to work together for years, but nothing felt right until this idea presented itself.

You’ll meet with both of us live via phone for a round of tips, tricks, and advice once we’ve taken stock of all things selling, and your SALES BOOST will be (nearly) inevitable.

Your Sales Boost includes:

? Kristen’s review of your sales questionnaire
? Bear’s secret shopping of your site
? A 60-minute-ish live Sales Boost call with both of us
? A follow-up list of to-do’s to make sure you know exactly which tweaks to make
? Email support following the call so we can celebrate your changes
? Any relevant books or programs from the archive that Kristen deems helpful (up to $999 value)

It’s yours for the **introductory** rate of $599.  And there are 3 spots.

Let us help.  Let us show you the blind spots you can’t see, walk you through our suuuuper simple sales framework, point out what you’re doing well and where you could improve, then leave you with a tidy list of to-do’s so you can go out there and earn like a motherfucker!

Want to do this next time or when you have more money or ‘later’…? 

I get it. 

BUT.  Not taking care of your blind spots leads to buying more sales books and courses, beating yourself up about how you suck at sales, freaking out about your business figures, and then procrastinating on your screen of choice, hoping the problem goes away.  I’ve lived on cans of soup long enough to know how this ends: not particularly well.  And the $2000 course you eventually buy doesn’t actually help, so you beat yourself up about it and go back to living on beans and rice, with the occasional guac splurge.  PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF FROM THIS FATE.  YOU DESERVE GUAC WHENEVER YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE.

?? There are 3 spots available.  Total.  Please don’t hesitate to hop on this if you need it.