Introverts at Work - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Introverts at Work

You’re an introvert.

You don’t do loud, jazz-hands-y marketing activities, and you avoid networking like the plague. I know all about the ways your brain messes with your sense of self and your confidence because you’re an introvert.

The inner voices get all crazy and tell you all the stuff you “should” be doing to grow your business.  Only…

Most of the extroverted business-building suggestions feel approximately as fun as poking your eyes out with spoons while getting run over by a dump truck. So you don’t do them.

Your decreasing confidence leads to declining interest in your business, which leads to decreasing profits. It becomes a vicious cycle that costs you thousands of dollars per year.

More despair, fewer dollars, less interest in your business. Aaaaand repeat.

We can stop that cycle with some simple changes that don’t even involve leaving the house.

As an introvert, your website has to do a TON of heavy lifting for your business. It has to get peeps to figure out what you do, fall in love with you, and then hand over their hard-earned money without once interacting with you personally.

That’s where Introverts at Work comes in. Together, we’ll quickly and strategically revamp the words on your website to express more of who you are in business. We’ll sell your stuff without hiding from the word ‘sales’ or falling into drone/corporate/professional mode.

But first, you’ll have to do some digging.

You’ll have to face your own fears of being judged for being too ______ or not _______ enough.

You’ll have to teach people how to treat you — meaning that you’ll no longer answer e-mails at all hours of the day and night, that you’ll refuse to fulfill that last minute order without a rush charge, and that you won’t _______________ for any amount of money, where ______ is defined by you as the last thing on earth you want to do, ever.

You’ll have to say “no” way more often than you are right now.

You’ll have to share the truth about who you are with your website’s visitors.  The deep truth, not just the ‘I like big books and I cannot lie’ truth.

You’ll have to willingly push money away from people who aren’t a good fit, who don’t share your values, or whom you just plain can’t stand.

You’ll have to be a little bit vulnerable and a whole fucking lot of brave.

If you know you need help expressing exactly who you are and what you do in business — and that both thrills and scares the shit out of you —buy this book.

When you’re done — when you’ve articulated your distinctive business flavor and then actually expressed it all over your website and your marketing materials — you’ll be more powerful.

Your business will be more directly aligned with who you are in the world.

And it will probably be WAY more profitable, too.

Introverts at Work addresses the hardest parts of being in business as a quiet human.

If you’re like me, you prefer dogs to humans, are still quite adept at making blanket forts, avoid parties like the plague, and have many dear friends who some might call mere books.

I’ve learned to navigate the entrepreneurial waters (and hit the legendary 6-figure mark) with hermiting tendencies, a complete inability to make small talk, and approximately zero fucks to give to playing with the cool kids or networking in general.

I just want to make stuff, talk to a select few awesome people, read and read and read, and meet new animals every day. 

Sound like you? I LOVE YOU ALREADY.

Introverts at Work is Pay What You Can priced so that if you need it, you can buy it.  Anything more than $1 will work at checkout; retail price is $19.69. 

Table of Contents:

⚡️In which we drop the shame surrounding your introverted nature and its effects on your business (so you stop beating yourself up about all those Extroverted Activity Buffet programs you haven’t completed.)
⚡️In which we talk about all sorts of uncomfortable situations and unleashed your trained anteaters.
⚡️In which we prevent you from being vanilla, even if that is and always has been your favorite ice cream flavor.
⚡️In which we explore both the dangers of vanilla and the perks of bringing your work into the world flavorfully.
⚡️ In which we sell like introverts, quietly and with feeling, to just one person.
⚡️In which we spread your flavor around like nutella on crepes and you make bank as a result.
⚡️In which we weave all those things we’ve been writing into a magnificent creation known as the otter page.
⚡️In which we tackle the F-word: Follow-up.
⚡️In which we embrace your ultimate sales tool and then tie up some pesky loose strings.
⚡️In which we explore your possibly empath-y nature and help you manage it.

It seems like being an introvert and being in business are polar opposites, but there are many ways your Quiet-with-a-capital-Q nature works to your advantage when selling and marketing.

I’ll walk you through those advantages and help you share them with your potential and present customers throughout the book.

Introverts at Work is Pay What You Can priced so that if you need it, you can buy it.  Retail price is $19.69. 

“I’ve completed the introverts book and it helped me so much in finding my focus! I’ve updated my website, got new headshots, don’t cover up my tattoos anymore and I’ve had so many great clients.

I don’t know if it’s my new attitude, but for the first time ever I’ve got more clients then I can serve and had to stop booking new clients.

—Lydia Krumpholz

You’re ready for this if:

  • You prefer animals to humans and you’re tired of every business book everywhere pretending that’s not a thing.
  • You’re tired of hiding, but you currently look like everyone else in your line of work when it comes to your website.
  • You want to end the BE EXTROVERTED OH GOD I’M SO TIRED cycle that leaves you resenting your business over and over again.

*Please* don’t buy this if:

  • You want to stay hidden but somehow make your business take off via social triggers, life hacks, or business shortcuts. (Or you identify as an influencer. Please GAWD NO.)
  • You’d rather be told what to do in what order — no thinking required — then discern which advice is right for you in this moment.
  • You’ll do absolutely anything in the world to avoid being vulnerable with yourself or with others.

You’ve run out of sales page, so let’s do this thing.  It’s Pay What You Can priced so that you’ve got zero excuses!