What happens when you condense years of business earning, experimenting, marketing, selling, and soul-searching into a single book? - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

What happens when you condense years of business earning, experimenting, marketing, selling, and soul-searching into a single book?

You get Go Your Own Way, the world’s only manual for entrepreneurs who want to create businesses that generate money AND meaning AND magic on a daily basis. This is a gentle yet ass-kicking, doable yet challenging, irreverent yet intimate guide to freeing yourself from business as usual.

Usual, like running yourself ragged making editorial calendars you don’t use, or spending hours a day on social media hoping you’re ‘attracting your ideal client,’ or trying out endless marketing and sales tactics that feel gross or wrong or just plain stupid because someone, somewhere claims to have made 5 or 6 or 7 figures using them.  (If you’ve ever read an article about the absolute best time to send an e-mail or post to a platform, you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

You don’t have to do that bullshit anymore.  You can carve out your own path as a business owner.  You can sort the good advice and business wisdom from the merely popular.

In Go Your Own Way, we’ll:

⚡️Figure out what you really want.
⚡️Master business basics.
⚡️Market your business and reach more people.
⚡️Stand out in your market.
⚡️Price your stuff.
⚡️Make more money.
⚡️Manage your business as it grows.
⚡️Let go of the patterns that keep you stuck and frustrated.
⚡️Create a freaking awesome life outside your business.

I know you’ve already read plenty of advice and you’ve heard lots of people weigh in on how to do business the right way, or the best way, or the most efficient way.  I’ve got opinions, too.  BUT.

The key to this book lies not in my telling you about x, y, or z due to my degrees or years of expertise and blah blah blah (though I’ve got plenty of blah blah blah) — but in asking the right questions.

This book has more questions than answers; more options than definitive to-do’s.

This book requires your input.

If you’re ready to examine every part of how you do business, why you do business, and the ways in which your business can feed your soul, you’re ready to read it.

If you’re looking for fast solutions, easy answers, get-rich-quick schemes, and/or lazy ways to get ahead (i.e. TUESDAY AT 1:43 A.M. IS *THE BEST* TIME TO POST) — I’ve got nothing for you.  Finding a path to the business that gets your soul fires stirring isn’t a matter of following a 23-step formula.  A shit-ton of trial and error has to happen as you find your way.

*YOUR* way.  It’s not like anyone else’s, and it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s totally doable.  Start here and now, with this book.

P.S. Want to read the first 50 pages before you buy?  They’re included when you join the Fuck Yah Club!

P.P.S. YUP I know you want to hear from others about Go Your Own Way!  Here goes:

“I just started reading Go Your Own Way and I am sitting here crying because your writing just gave me a hug.” — Aycee Brown

“I am LOVING your recent Go Your Own Way book. I can’t read it before bed because then I am way too inspired. Need to read this during my slow part of the day.” — Brenda Pottinger

“The Go Your Own Way book is amazing!!! I am so impressed by your gifts – your ability to break things down into digestible chunks, your ability to guide the reader through and hold our hand and keep us from feeling judged (or from judging ourselves), and, of course, your ability to play with words.” — Nicole Jacobson

“It was SO well-written and funny and easy to read and organized in a way that just made sense to my brain. Thanks for such a great book!!” — Jessie Thompson

“I should probably be mad at you for keeping me up at night — reading and thinking through Go Your Own Way at all hours, and at the most inappropriate times — but I’ve been loving every minute of it.

Seriously, Go Your Own Way is the best business class/writing I’ve read, and I’ve been reading everything photography-and-business related I can get my hands on for the past year.” — Soraya Rudofsky

“The best biz book I’ve ever read.” — Jess Daniels

…the BEST biz book she’s ever read? YUP!

Grab your copy here, or you can pick it up in print (and read more reviews) here. 😉