Shape Your Business Life. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Shape Your Business Life.

This is part 3 of the Steer Your Ship curriculum!  Here are parts one and two.

This portion of the Steer Your Ship experience happens when everyone has had a few days to dive deep into their own interiors, when we’ve bonded as a group, and after everyone has had hotseats. That means we’re finally primed to take on extremely practical money issues, pricing issues, and general shaping of business issues.  These matters aren’t easy to face and OOH WOW SHINY THINGS are easier to pay attention to on any given day.

Instead of going into the precise curriculum and giving you point subpoint bullet point sub-subpoint details, complete with worksheets and spreadsheets (read: you run for the hills and freak the fuck out), let’s do a quick journey instead.

This is an eyes closed edition of the podcast, so you’ll want to tune in later if you’re currently driving, operating heavy machinery, or otherwise unable to close your eyes for a few minutes.

In this episode, we’ll explore what it looks and feels like to have enough of everything you need in your life.  I know this sounds simple or dumb or I’LL JUST SKIP THIS, but I promise this work is vital and necessary to your being. It’s *exactly* what gets skipped when pundits and gurus teach you to scale your business, to double your pricing, to #crushit, or to ‘go pro’ and hire a team.

Gut checks and intuitive bits of guidance from you are FAR more important than the advice of experts, myself included.

This is how we access your intuition in useful ways that influence your (business) life for the better.

Book a call and talk with me about what you need, where you’re struggling, and what your vision of Enough looks like, okay?  (No really.  I don’t bite, I don’t talk peeps into things they don’t need, and I’d love to talk to you.)

P.S.  Here are parts one and two again: Stop the OverwhelmChoose the Important.