Marie Phillips talks creating your own midlife crisis. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Marie Phillips talks creating your own midlife crisis.

Ever interviewed the author of a choose-your-own-adventure book? Turns out, IT’S REALLY FUN.

Marie Phillips is a writer whose latest book is called Create Your Own Midlife Crisis: The Best Way to Make the Worst Decisions.

You might take her book for a spin and end up texting photos of your boobs to Hot Russell (like I did), or you could end up buying a motorcycle before running away to Brazil. (If those don’t suit, maybe having a baby with your estranged husband will save the marriage?)

By turns funny, depressing, ridiculous, and truthful — Create Your Own Midlife Crisis takes an unprecedented approach to middle age.

In this interview, we talk about ALL THE THINGS. The joys of midlife, the pain of having made exactly the wrong decisions many years ago, the downside of meteoric success (having your first novel turned into a feature-length film starring Sharon Stone, anyone?), the upside of going through a midlife crisis early (and in Dutch!), and the ridiculous shit we encounter every step of the way. (Marie hates slugs, and she’ll tell you more in her spiffy, hilarious newsletter.)

Midlife is about “coming to terms with the fact that you cannot make your life perfect.” – Marie Phillips

Listen in, then take Create Your Own Midlife Crisis for a spin and see where you end up!  Buy Create Your Own Midlife Crisis here.

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