Pay Me, Dammit! - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Pay Me, Dammit!

Any of these sound familiar?

You’re afraid of making more money because you think you’ll somehow change — like making six or seven figures means you sprout horns and become a racist, sexist, no good, very bad asshole of DOOM. (It doesn’t make any sense when you say it out loud, but when one more BMW driver cuts you off in traffic, it seems to make perfect sense.)

Or you don’t think you deserve it.

Or you don’t trust yourself to make more money. (I mean, you keep spending the money you make sort of poorly — like, where does it go!? — so you figure you’ll just continue the cycle, only with tens of thousands of dollars at a time.

Or you’re caught in a pattern of just getting by, and that’s how you’re most comfortable: NOT getting paid.

Or you’re actually quite secure in letting your partner or family member or friend or patron pay the majority of the bills, and you quote-unquote ‘just’ make fun money, so why bother making any more?

Money can only give you the ability to be more you.

If you’re already a selfish prick, you’ll get more selfish and more prickish. If you’re already an asshole, you’ll get asshole-y-er.

But if you’re a generous soul, you’ll get more generous, because you can afford to make donations without worrying about whether your kids will have shoes.

If you’re already fun, you’ll just rent the inflatable Jurassic Park bouncy castle AND the inflatable dinosaurs to hang in the backyard for the epic movie night screening instead of having to choose.

When you let money flow into your business and your life — i.e. get paid — you’re evolving as an entrepreneur.

You deserve to be paid for doing the work you do.
You deserve to not be stressed right the eff out about money for 80% of every day.
And you deserve for other people to see your work in the world.

You deserve to be seen.

Pay Me, Dammit! is a class about money, but it’s really about all the ways money is a stand-in for the ways you’re holding yourself back. We tackle ‘em, together, and then I throw down scripts and techniques that just plain make you dollars.

PLEASE, use the scripts, follow the instructions, and let me know how it goes. When you find $1,000 in your inbox or actually call back that customer or draw better boundaries around your business, I’d freaking LOVE to hear about it! It’s not easy to make the changes that bring in the dollars (see all the reasons mentioned earlier), but when you consciously catch bad habits in action, they lose their power.

Listen in.  And get paid, dammit.

P.S. Up next: the excruciating pain of asking for what you want.