3 ways to get a harder working website with Tiny Blue Orange - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

3 ways to get a harder working website with Tiny Blue Orange

Let me be perfectly honest: I don’t often send frantic e-mails. Every single frantic e-mail I’ve penned in the last six months has been sent to Tiny Blue Orange.

In the past month, I’ve sent the company’s founder, Alison Monday, questions about my CNAME, broken webhooks, and getting my auto-redirects in order. All of them OH GOD HELP ME I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING, and all of them returned with the problems solved in no time flat.  To which I respond with, YOU ARE A MIRACLE.

In her own words: Alison Monday is a responsive website developer + support system who focuses on WordPress sites. She’s fixed/maintained/built/hosted/improved online presences for dozens of amazing clients over the last 10 years.

When she’s not ruining the fun for hackers, you can find her in CrossFit, teaching yoga classes or carrying on serious conversations with Brutus + Pixel (her 110 pound bullmastiff + 95 pound lab/pitbull/mastiff mix, respectively).

Discover what it’s like to truly fall in love with your website + web developer by hiring tiny blue orange for development, hosting + support of your online presence.

I had Alison pop in on this episode of That’s What She Said to fill us in on the most common mistakes she sees entrepreneurs making with their websites, and how to fix ’em.


Alison keeps it light and simple.  There’s no shaming involved.  If you don’t have a website opt-in or a Google Analytics account or even the faintest clue about how to work the tech end of things, it’s okay.  You can start where you are, and no one is going to make you feel awful about your current location.

In this episode of That’s What She Said, we also talk about:

  • how to keep your website from overwhelming visitors at first glance
  • making your website a hard-working employee
  • why it’s okay if you don’t have an opt-in right this moment (YUP REALLY)
  • beautiful and effective alternatives to Google Analytics that don’t hurt your eyeballs
  • the importance of fine-tuning your website on a regular basis (even though you couldn’t give any less shits about image optimization and website load times)
  • simple WordPress security tweaks that take just a few minutes
  • the differences between hosting providers (in non-robot language)
  • why Tiny Blue Orange is the name of Alison’s company
  • Alison’s experiences with self-employment through chronic pain
  • how the hashtags #chronicpain and #chronicpainwarrior have helped her connect with others
  • her broken-hearted teenage poet years and why she loves poetry to this day

To hire Alison and the Tiny Blue Orange team, you’ve got options! Opt into her Nerd Alerts right here. Take the wordpress security quiz here, or hire her to handle your hosting, security, optimizing, and tech-ing of all kinds right here.  (Also you can follow her on Instagram right here.)

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