The Depression Chronicles - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

The Depression Chronicles

Talking about depression and running a business isn’t exactly a light or refreshing or easy topic.  I’d rather talk about preeeetty much anything else, but going on about marketing or strategy or mojo or making more dollars doesn’t address the deepest, hardest part of my life at any given moment.  (If you’re depressed, it doesn’t address your hardest bits, either.)

Let’s talk about depression over the years, through the shape-shifting lenses of experience, growth, deepening, and easing, all while growing a business. (And even leaving the house on occasion !!)

If you’re currently depressed, I urge you to seek professional help, see a doctor, and get yourself a diagnosis immediately.  No amount of podcasting and writing can take the place of a doctor’s (and therapist’s and nurse’s and nutritionist’s and acupuncturist’s) care!

August 2013: Depression and running a business

The original, lemme break it all down for you OH GOD IT’S SCARY TO BE THIS VULNERABLE post.

April 2015: Depression and running a business, part 2

Short, practical, and simple steps for managing both depression and your business without retreating into a hole and hiding until a few months have passed.

December 2015: Keeping the wolf of depression at bay

When you feel depression waiting like a freaking wild animal at the periphery of your psyche, you can take some pretty simple steps to back it off and/or beat it across the snout with a stick.

September 2016: How to defeat your depression.  A working theory.

In which I’m *not* depressed and share some theories as to why that might be.  A few calendar tricks and some mental habits make the difference.  (Also it’s not the middle of winter, which helps.)

It took years and years to get to the point where I could talk about my depression with anyone at all, let alone publish that shizz on the internet.  But I did it.  And I’m glad I did.

Again: if you’re currently depressed, tell someone you love about it and seek professional medical attention right this minute.  Please. 



P.S.  Should you wanna reach out and talk to me: click the contact form and go to town.  You can also reach out on Instagram.  This depression shit is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m happy to help if I can, in any way I can, when I’m not hermiting really hard.