Fuck shame. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Fuck shame.

My website isn’t live.
My blog hasn’t been updated lately.
I need a new logo.
I haven’t done any marketing in the past few weeks.
I haven’t had time to update my portfolio/Instagram/Facebook/social media du jour.
There’s no time for creating brilliant new work/promos/e-mails.
I’m behind on ____ .
My goals for my business haven’t been met.

If it’s not perfect, I’m not going to show anyone what I’ve been working on.

That, my friends, is shame talking.  Shame says you’re not good enough, not strong enough, not adequate enough to strut your stuff.

Fuck shame.

You are strong enough.  Brave enough.  Good enough.

You are perfectly capable of making the time to meet your business goals.

You are uniquely poised to bring gifts only you have into the world.

You have nothing to be ashamed of, so I say, in big bold letters:


You don’t need feelings of inadequacy to keep you from generating brilliant ideas, meeting goals, or making time to be a business maven.

You don’t need the quiet voice that says you aren’t enough any longer.  You are.

P.S.  I’m proud of you.