How to F*$%ing Communicate. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

How to F*$%ing Communicate.

Or, how to talk to your peeps with a regular newsletter while a.) making dollars and b.) not freaking the fuck out.

You know that thing where everyone says you should have a newsletter and talk to your peoples, but when you think about doing that you curl into a ball and find tasks like cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush very, very urgent and interesting?

Yah. I used to do that, too.

I would only talk to my peeps when I wanted to sell something ’cause I didn’t want to ‘bother’ them. Even though they’d specifically signed up to hear from me.

For the past two years, I’ve sent weekly e-mails and have a much-higher-than-industry-average open rate.  (Also I’ve been in business for nine years, so this took me SEVEN YEARS to get right.)

I’ll walk you through what to do when:

+ you’re worried that you don’t have anything to say
+ you don’t actually have anything THAT important to say but you promised yourself you’d send an email
+ you have something *SO* important to say that you’re scared to mess it up, so you don’t say a word
+ you don’t know where to start because somehow you can manage to keep 3 humans, a dog, and a few houseplants alive EVERY SINGLE DAY, but using an automated email system is a bridge too far
+ you hate selling but still need to feed yourself, your pets, and your need for all the books. So many books.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

+ make a communication plan you can actually stick to
+ stop stockpiling communication plan worksheets and templates you’ll only throw away or abandon (Chronic abandon-er here!)
+ press send even when you’re scared
+ and nurture the habit of communicating


+ really embarrassing tales of my mistakes!
+ behind the scenes looks at my current numbers (podcast, email subscribers, IT’S ALL REVEALED)
+ my top 3 ways to overcome asshole brain when communicating!
+ unwavering ways to keep talking/writing/making even when you’re FUCKING TIRED and you’d rather crawl into a hole!

The truth is? This is kinda hard. But we can do kinda hard things.

EVERYONE says sending a newsletter is ‘sooooo easy, just follow these 7 steps,’ but putting yourself out there to 7, 27, 277 or 22,777 people all at once is scary. Of course it is.

You’re allowed to be scared. You’re just not allowed to let the fear shut you down while hoping people see your glory without your having to say a word.

We’ll walk through those fears and doubts to the other side, when you actually say things to people on a regular basis! It won’t be easy, but it can sure as hell be simple.

We’ll end with a short breathwork practice to move out those stuck asshole brain bits that want you to stuff your voice down and make it small. It may or may not be life-changing. 😉

If *actually* sending an email or two to your business peeps stands to make you $69 or more — and of course it does — this class pays for itself with a single missive.

Grab a seat now!

Buy this class if you: keep planning to make an email list but don’t have one, have an email list but don’t send anything — that’s 90% of people I work with, no judgement! — and/or send emails to your peeps only when you’re in a panic about money.

Skip this class if you: send regular updates and communications to your email list, don’t panic when you sit down to write to your peeps, and send emails even when nothing particularly earth-shattering is happening.

Here’s what other students have said:

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for How to F–king Communicate and making emails & sales & communication *not gross.* I have been struggling to not feel like a used car salesman when I craft my ‘newsletter’ and therefor always find every excuse imaginable to put it off. So a huge heartfelt THANK YOU for giving me some much needed perspective, delivered in a way that resonates with my being.

You’re the best!

— Kelly Costigan

How to fucking communicate was revolutionary – if I never hear the word *content* again it’s still too soon. 

— Liana Bourke



P.S.  I can help you communicate.  Just.  Please don’t ask me to do any meal planning or LIFE IS OVER. I have the books and the app and the program and the other helper things and I just…fail.  Repeatedly, with ever-more-sophisticated and expensive tools.

Grab your seat in How to $*%@ing Communicate.

P.S. Here’s a sneak preview of the course!