Solo - ⚡️Kristen Kalp


Every single person I’ve talked with who hasn’t spent pandemic alone has spent it OVERWHELMED BY THE NEED FOR SPACE: space to find your footing, hear yourself think, or get clear on what you can handle during this third year of pandemic.

Here it is.

Imagine a just-for-you retreat that is just as much about making magic in your business as about having time to friggin rest. Now imagine getting far enough away from your life to have a gloriously quiet and restorative experience that actually FEEDS you.

That’s Solo!

During Solo, I’ll hold space to help you see yourself and your life anew. You’ll get 6 hours of 1-on-1 coaching time spread over 2 days, which leaves plenty of time for everything we work on to sink in and take root.

This isn’t a fast-fast-fast pace because the first two years of pandemic have collectively slowed my ability to sort and absorb information.


We’ll spend the mornings together, talking and imagining and optimizing and making plans for your business. You’re free to explore and rest after lunch, filling your well as you see fit.

Will you be wildly productive? Yes.

Will you get the peace and quiet you’ve been craving since lockdown hit? Yes.

Will you get to write the whole experience off as a business expense? YUP!

Solo will consciously help you to create the silence, stillness, and space necessary for both big picture business planning and refilling your well.

In addition to 6 hours of 1-on-1 coaching time, Solo includes:

+ 1-hour setup coaching call about 2 weeks before your trip to dive into what you need in this moment

+ 30-minute follow-up coaching call to answer any lingering questions you’ve got

+ access to my local Philly resources (Whether you need a healer, cannabis coach, or book store…let me play tour guide!)

          + custom Make Your Money Back plan so that this experience pays for itself!

Coaching time currently rings in at $1000 per hour, which puts Solo in the $7500 range before anything else has been arranged. But…I REALLY WANT YOU TO HAVE THE SPACE TO UNFURL.

Solo is yours for $3500, which can be paid in full or in 7 payments of $500 each.

We’ll create a Make Your Money Back plan during your retreat so that this experience pays for itself!

There are 4 spots available for fully-Covid-vaccinated individuals in 2022.

Book a free call with me to talk about available dates and whether this is right for you!

We’ll have a full coaching call about 2 weeks before your stay to cover what you need and how you’d like to use our time together.

My teaching degree + your needs = custom Solo curriculum and itinerary

Anything you have the courage to mention to me is welcome, and your truest deepest self is encouraged to come out and play.

Where will I be staying?

That’s up to you!  We’ll meet and work in the space where you choose to stay in Philly.  I’ll come to you, so all you’ve got to do is roll out of bed and be ready to work by 9am!

Need to talk with me before you make a decision?

Book a tiny call to make it happen!



TL; DR Imagine having a plan for your business that feels not just doable, but ENJOYABLE.

Imagine being able to hear yourself think.

Imagine ’em both happening at the same time!

That’s Solo, a 1-on-1 business workshop with yours truly. Let’s usher in the next phase of your life and your business, okay?

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