Let's keep your inner flame LIT. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Let’s keep your inner flame LIT.

Lit will help you do the work of keeping your inner lantern lit 🔥 so that you don’t numb, mute, or martyr yourself right out of existence. (Because the last thing the world needs is more burned out women trying to do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ALL BY THEMSELVES AND WITHOUT SLEEP OR EMOTIONS.)

We’re doing the work of tending to our inner flames TOGETHER because so much of what keeps you living in (or near) burnout is not a YOU problem – but a societal one.

YOU alone didn’t decide feelings were bad or wrong. Society gave you that message every time you had a big feeling and expressed it.

YOU alone didn’t decide your having power was a bad idea. Millennia of patriarchy and centuries of capitalism made that decision for you.

YOU alone didn’t decide you’d like to become a servant to everyone around you! Millennia of conditioning meant for females made that pattern of martyrdom the default.

You didn’t learn to numb, mute, and martyr yourself all alone, which is why UNlearning these patterns isn’t effective all by yourself.

Lit is for Real. Life. Togetherness.

We’ll use breathwork to make feelings
mentionable and manageable.

We’ll use salons, playspaces, and peer meetups
to encourage the expansion of our voices and beings.

We’ll engage with ideas, books, exercises,
and experiments to expand your power
so that your fully-lit lantern can be a beacon for others.

And we’ll do it all with embodied effervescence —
because after wrestling with depression for two decades,
I reserve the right to be joyful absolutely anywhere.

You’ll leave Lit better able to wield your power, your voice, your feelings, and your intuition.

Because a woman armed with her power, her voice, her feelings, and her intuition is FUCKING INCREDIBLE TO BEHOLD.

And because those with lit lanterns naturally help others tend to their own flames.


🔥 Opening Ceremony establishes the container, sets expectations, and introduces you to one another and the work.

September 6
4:20-5:20 pm ET

🔥 Online Salons feature breathwork, lecture, play, and exercises on Zoom.  Recordings will be provided to those who can’t attend live.

September 9, 23, October 7, 21, 28, November 18
2-4pm ET

🔥 Playspaces feature exercises expertly facilitated to help you practice new ways of being. These are UNrecorded to ensure maximum safety for participants.

September 29, October 14, November 2, 16
11am-12pm ET

December 1
6-8pm ET

🔥 4 peer-led gatherings deepen connections between you and the other participants while providing time to practice exercises that intrigue you.

Times tailored to participant availability

🔥 Private online space for all participants to share homework, feelings, failures, and wins throughout our time together.  (Read: 24/7 access to other participants.  I’m not joking about the unlearning in community part!)

Available September 6-November 23rd

🔥 Closing Ceremony to celebrate our progress and to definitively close our time together.

December 2
2-3pm ET

Here’s a downloadable copy of the calendar. 😉

Lit is an experience of UNlearning heaps of societal bullshit with great joy.

You’ll have my 20+ years of teaching experience available to you via lovingly facilitated spaces, as well as peer-led gatherings and our always-on connection portal. 

Registration is open through September 6th, 2022 at 4:20 pm ET.

****One caveat as you decide: we’re drawing many exercises from Unbound, a book which examines the workings of power as told by a former dominatrix and Taoist nun.  If the thought of a dominatrix/nun repels you, please don’t enroll in Lit!****

If that intrigues you, go ahead and smash the fuck out of the buy button. 👇🏻

It’s all yours for 5 monthly payments of 200 or 1 payment of 1000 USD.

What do other women have to say about the work we do in Lit?

“It's worth it! It's fun, deep, powerful, sometimes scary, ultimately magical work.” – Rachel P.

"Being fully and completely myself among this group of women, and having them accept me unconditionally every week, has been one of the most profound healing experiences I've ever had. I feel different in my body, in my words, in my work, and in the world, after this unspoken lesson was reiterated at every meetup: I can be how I actually am with no edits, and strangers can genuinely LIKE ME. To spend time with people who had no intentions to change me, who had no expectations of who I was or what I could do, who listened and saw me exactly as I was and said, "Yes, thank you, you're amazing" was revelatory in a way that is difficult to describe. I feel 10,000x more confident, stronger, more loving towards myself and others, and safer in my own life.” — Erin C.

“This is the first and ONLY feel-good thing I have ever invested in. It nourished me in ways I can't even find the words for. It's a safe place, full of laughter, tears, confessions, zero judgement and you will leave each session feeling better than you have in years!” – Jo R.

“I was hesitant, but I pressed play anyway and am so glad I did!” – Cynthia P.

"My Mistress group was such a beautiful and brave space to connect with other kick-ass women - I simply didn't know you could get that close to mostly completely strangers that quickly. I miss them. The salons I was able to participate in in-person always had me feeling refreshed and lighter at the end than when we started. It's often hard for me to give 100% of my attention to an online meeting but with your gatherings it wasn't hard at all.” – Rachel P.

Being in this group of women practicing this unbinding will make your life profoundly more joyful, truthful, easy, and wondrous, faster than anything else I've ever tried. And I've tried all the things. But of course, I tried them alone. Being together is the magic ingredient I have been missing all along.” - Erin C

“I participated in about 60% of it, but I still got rocked to my roots. In a good way.” - Emily J.

“It is soooooooo difficult to articulate just how wonderful and soul nourishing the Mistress Groups were. The fact that we collectively decided to keep ours going will tell you just how much each of us loved this part.” – Jo R.


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