Brave Workshop! 9/19 & 9/20 - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Brave Workshop! 9/19 & 9/20

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If you’ve ever dimmed the sound of your own voice for so long that you couldn’t hear it even when you went listening…me, too.

If you’ve ever been deemed Too Much and tried and tried and TRIED to tone yourself down for other people…same!  I spent a whole decade living in the make-yourself-smaller tight-tight-soul-crushing world.

If you’ve given up on yourself or the world around you, but life hasn’t improved as a result of the walls you’ve built around your heart…ayup!  Been there, done that, and took way too long to get a handle on the being an empath and feeling-feels thing.

Brave is a catalog of my failures as a human and how they can benefit you workshop for ushering in the next phase of your life.

It’s for becoming bolder in every area of your existence, in everything from your big-deal-top-shelf goals like feeding your soul with your true work all the way down to managing your e-mail inbox and enjoying your fashion choices.

You’ll leave our time together with a better sense of your soul’s desires and how those impulses play out in your day-to-day life.

We’ll be eight kinds of Brave together, and each one of them will push you out of your same-old same-old thinking patterns and into awesome-slash-terrifying territory!

Boundary-Brave. This is the first, hardest kind of bravery: saying “no” to everything that takes up emotional or physical space but doesn’t light you up (read: Donald J. Trump’s Twitter feed). We’ll fine-tune your choices regarding what to let into and keep out of your life, clearing out the no-longer-great debris of daily life.

What if you were relentless about picking the friends, family members, and/or clients you let into your life? What if you unfollowed, unsubscribed, and ignored every message, product, and person that doesn’t make your heart whisper, “Fuck yah”…?

Sense-of-self brave. Your brain tells you it’s easier to shut down and blend in than to risk being ‘too much.’ Whether you’re too sensitive, too soft, too loud, too wordy, too quiet, or too weird, letting yourself BE yourself on a regular basis ensures success in all the other brave arenas. In practical terms, that means you’ll wear the unicorn hat or make more time for silly dancing or ask your peeps to play with you on a new project instead of assuming they’ll hate it. (Shown: that time I suggested pudding wrestling.)

What if you let yourself out to play instead of finding new and shiny ways to hide? What if you treated yourself as if you actually matter instead of settling for second best or ‘okay’ or ‘that’ll do’ in your life?

Feelings-brave. We all have moments when we feel one thing and pretend we’re feeling another, quick to hide our true emotions behind a muttered, “I’m fine.” (I totally believe you, by the way. VERY convincing.) We all build walls — some fences, some castle-level fortresses armed with angry goats — and we can all use some practice in taking them down.

You don’t have to believe the people who say ‘that’s just the way it is’ or the people who look at you cross-eyed when you cry because you’ve watched the news or you skip around with puppies at the beach. You’re allowed to be joyful, you’re allowed to feel exactly what you’re feeling, and you’re also allowed to draw boundaries around who gets to make you feel things.

What if you told the truth — to yourself, to your loved ones, and even to strangers on the internet whom you’ve never met? What if you let yourself feel everything, even though that scares the actual fuck out of you?

Communication-brave. When peeps meet me, the best thing they can say is, “You’re exactly like I imagined!”– because it means I’m accurately conveying who I am in my everyday communications and in my writing. You can do that, too. You don’t have to share your top shelf secrets right away, but you can tell people what you’re reading, what you’re obsessed with, and when you’ll be attending karaoke or Quidditch practice or that live screening of Rocky Horror.  You can take steps toward expressing who you are and what you believe to the world at large, even though some people will think it’s stupid or terrible.

Possibility-brave. There’s a point in every daydream when Reality-with-a-capital-R comes smacking its way in and shuts down what you want because it’s ‘impractical,’ ‘too expensive,’ ‘too time-consuming,’ or ‘too hard.’ Your brain makes it exhausting to imagine a world in which there are no troubles, doubts, horrors, or accidents, since it specializes in doom and gloom.

(It promises there is no world in which people will pay you to attend Steer Your Ship in Costa Rica and have a holi powder battle in their bathing suits — as shown.)

But what if.  What if you were completely unreasonable about your timelines and your expectations?

What if it could go perfectly? How would it go? 

Connection-brave. Brene Brown says vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage, so we’ll be vulnerable together, too. We’ll complete a variety of exercises that will be both wildly uncomfortable and exquisitely beautiful, often in the same breath. You’ll remember that genuine human connection doesn’t require a 10-step formula or a shit-ton of effort, only a willingness to be seen by another human.

Damian profile pic
Damian Blacklock

I've had a hard and mixed up time in life with intimacy and openness, and this pushed every single button I have in a really good way.

Comfort zone: destroyed, obliterated, gone.
Fucks given: Not a one.

Finally, we’ll be calendar-brave. It’s thrilling and lovely to be courageous in a contained environment for a few days, but how do your newfound insights translate into your everyday life? We’ll work your new ideas and insights into your calendar in both everyday ways (i.e. drink more water) and big ways, too (i.e. let me know you finished that book proposal by X date at Noon ET so you have no room to wiggle out of planning something for ‘later.’).

What if you layered in travel and projects and those small, quiet things that call “FUCK YAH” to you instead of slathering on obligation and resentment?

A one-on-one call with me in the weeks after Brave is included with your ticket!

I’ll personally make sure your lingering questions are answered and that you’re making progress on the Courageous and Crushing It front.  There are also just 22 13 spots available, so you’re sure to get an individual hotseat while in Philly.

Brave workshop registration closes in:


We’ll start each morning at 8 a.m. with lectures, hotseats (that’s 1-on-1 attention from me), and all the Q+A you can handle.  Each of those elements are intense — and it’s easy for intense to become heavy and exhausting — so my crew and I balance the day with light and playful activities. You’ll be up and moving when we do partnered activities, play a few games, and enjoy a dance break or three as the day progresses. (Of course I’ve got a magnificent DJ to help out on this front.)

Lunch is available from bunches of places within a few blocks of the venue, and we’ll wrap early enough for you to hit Philadelphia for adventure while the night is young. Come prepared to go with the flow and to be parted from your dearly beloved smartphone (and FitBit and iPad and laptop and Apple Watch), as they’ll be collected so you’re distraction-free each day. YUP you’ll have to be technology brave, too. 

Details and logistics and planning information lives here.

A few weeks after the workshop, you’ll have a 1-on-1 chat with me to make sure you’re on track and still playing your own version of the being-brave game.


That’s the idea! You don’t have to live with your soul jammed in a too-small box any longer. To change that box, we’re going to have to break it wide open. 😉

Brave will expand your sense of what’s acceptable, what’s reasonable, and what’s possible.

You won’t have to walk on coals or jump from a plane during the workshop — physical brave isn’t included in the list of braves we’ll be addressing — but everyday, deeply vulnerable brave is on tap in a thousand different ways.

Who am I to talk about this stuff, you ask? Since 2008, I’ve: started and closed a profitable-but-boring-to-me photography business, held a 6-figure product launch, killed that $100k+ product because it didn’t light me up, left my husband, lost over $43,000 with a single business event, paid that $43,000 back, coached hundreds of people about business virtually, by phone, and in person, written 7 books, worked behind the scenes of 3 multi-million dollar businesses, gotten fired by my most profitable ghostwriting client, outed myself as a depressed entrepreneur, fallen in love, dyed my hair pink, and gotten 3 standing ovations at speaking gigs.

All that to say: I’ve done some awesome stuff and survived some fairly awful stuff while learning a shit-ton about being braver and braver and braver. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m deeply engaged in asking the right questions and helping you answering them as best I can.

You’ll leave with a renewed and expanded sense of what’s possible, armed with a play-by-play calendar of your next six months.

You’ll also feel about 40 pounds lighter, having lost emotional baggage you didn’t even know you were carrying.

Brave includes:

+ 2 days of workshopping in Philadelphia, PA on September 19th and 20th // $1399 value
+ 1-on-1 accountability call with me in November 2017 to make sure your Brave is still showing // $149 value
+ Pre-Brave virtual Get Stoked party — Brave 101! — on August 18th, 2017 at 11am ET // $49 value
+ Invitation to a pre-Brave book exchange and dinner on September 18th
+ Daily Brave texts for 2 weeks prior to the event, plus assorted treats and surprises! // $72 value

A $1669 value // yours for $595

You’ll be charged $99 to hold your seat, then four monthly payments of $124, for a total ticket cost of $595.  There are 22 13 spots available!

Brave workshop registration closes in:


We’ll meet at the Chestnut Hill Skyspace in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on September 19th and 20th, 2017, with optional activities (Book exchange! Fancy drinks!) before the main event.

Alllllllll the details can be found here.


Absolutely! You’ll be charged $99 to hold your seat, then four monthly payments of $124, for a total ticket cost of $595.


There isn’t one, baby — this is it!  Take a look at the details and logistics here, then find a way to make it happen!


You can’t, and we’re not even recording this one in any capacity, so you have to be there or be square. 😉


Nope! Some parts of what we’re addressing are specific to owning a business, but the vast majority of our time together will address issues that plague almost every human on earth.

Shana headshot
Shana Krallman

Holy shit. You ARE magic!

Whatever fucking universal beings pointed me to you at this time, I love them, and they were right. I feel more balanced than I have easily since before my marriage. I'm training again, I'm talking to people, I'm learning to adapt to my brain, and damn it, I believe I can create a world in which I am happy to live.

Christina Samuelson profile pic
Christina Samuelson

Just go!!

It can change your life, you will for sure come back with new perspectives and friends and having learned a lot about yourself, sometimes you just have to jump in! Everyone I've told is either very intrigued or terrified.

Krystin testimonial
Krystin Rempel

Go with an open mind, you may be frightened by your own self and by the exercises, but it is WORTH every single thing you put into it.

Laura profile pic
Laura Harris

The weeks before Brave I felt broken and hated my work. And now I feel so optimistic and creative again. I love being able to compare the two feelings, both before and after and also as I’m working in both businesses.

Tyleah McGuire

If you'd like to grow your soul a size, then definitely Brave is for you.

Got a question? Hit me up using the form below!

Oh and! I’ll walk you through each type of brave in practical terms in the Brave issue of Fuck Yah magazine, free to you by popping your name in the box below.

Nicki Behm
Nicki Behm

You've given me so much clarity and focus. You motivate me. You pulled me up out of my funk and made me believe in me.

Nick McArthur
Nick McArthur

I make my entire living off of the fact that almost no one can be brave enough to show up and be their authentic selves online. Kristen taught me how to do it. You're in good hands.

Morgan Day Cecil
Morgan Day Cecil

You make this dreamer girl in me believe beautiful things (and appreciate Board Meetings as much as orgasms).

You make me want to do brave things.

You’ll be charged $99 to hold your seat, then four monthly payments of $124, for a total ticket cost of $595.  There are 22 13 spots available!  Nab your seat here.