Stop bizturbating. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Stop bizturbating.

Masturbating.  You just hang out with yourself and have a good time.   You kill a chunk of minutes and life resumes.

Bizturbating is the same thing.  It feels like you’re doing great work, but you’re really just diddling around.

My favorite form of bizturbation is to dream up new projects then flesh them out with pen and paper instead of working on what’s already been to-do-listed. 😉

The top 8 ways to bizturbate:

8.  Stockpile free lessons, books, reports, templates, classes, and doodads without opening or using any of them.  (You’ll do that later.)

7.  Buy and read business books, but save the ‘actually putting into action’ parts for later.

6.  Work on doubling your follower counts instead of contacting past clients to make sure they’re satisfied with your services.

5.  Focus all your energy on impressing your colleagues, not your clients.

4.  Subscribe to more and more news, video, and article feeds instead of making something of your own.

3.  Like all your friends’ posts in the hopes that they’ll like yours back.  Scroll, scroll, scroll…

2.  Opt to learn a new skill instead of doing the hard, hard work of marketing like a mofo.

1.  Commission a complete business rebrand and devote countless hours/months to your new logo and stationery and vision board and color scheme.

Now, let’s find a way in to your creative work.