What Peter Pan can teach you about selling more stuff - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

What Peter Pan can teach you about selling more stuff

I just returned from Kenya, which you know means I’ve been showering, using electricity, and enjoying television like a champ in the past few days!  While catching up on my TV loves, I saw this advertisement: “Now releasing from the Disney vault, for the first time on Blu-Ray and DVD…Peter Pan!”

Dude. That’s some amazing marketing taking place.

Disney is finding a way to make a movie that came out in nineteen fifty-freaking-three “new,” then giving attention to it as if we haven’t all seen Peter Pan and believed we could fly and watched the epic Captain Hook battle scene already. It’s extraordinary!

You’ve seen this same thing happen when fashion designers find a way to make the Eighties popular AGAIN (Holy Shizballs Almighty, do we need one more pair of sherbet-colored jeans in the world!?); when pop singers offer “Best Of” CDs full of previous hits; when McDonald’s finds a reason to sell more more McNuggets by putting 50 in a box for $9.98.

Repackaging what’s old to make it something new and exciting is an important part of doing business well.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, or coming up with an entirely new product, how can you repackage what you already have?

What’s sitting on your shelves that you can apply your repackaging ideas to and sell anew? What tweak or twist can you add to make your offerings fresh?

Here are 5 quick examples of repackaging to get your gears turning:

Selling hard goods? For anything from lotions and butters to socks and underwear, try bundling old stock with a new title. A “Back to School” package, a “First Day of Kindergarten” package containing a backpack, cute socks, a pencil kit, and a few hair bows? A “Working for the Weekend” package that mixes a gorgeous hat, a new purse, and a few travel guides? There’s no limit to the twists you can create to make what you’ve got more appealing to your peeps.

Sell services? Bundle your favorite items from local vendors with the service you’d most like to sell, and you’ve created an all new “Go Local” package. For example? Bundle a 60-minute portrait session at the park with a book about the park by a local author, a scarf to wear in the park by a local designer, and a set of watercolors to draw the park from your local art supply store. It’s a new, different reason to sell a session in the park, and it supports locals you love.

Got old stock, unused props, or random extras hanging around? Hold a contest to give that stuff away — just package it around a theme and voila! More fans or more followers, less stuff cluttering up your studio.

Got a bestseller? How can you make it even more prone to sell? Can you add a bonus audio track, video, or message that makes it more desirable? Can you add 1-on-1 time with you or with your staff members to push it off the shelves? Adding value to what’s already working makes it even more likely to fly off the shelves.

Can anything come out of retirement? Just like Peter Pan can come out of the “Disney vault,” your old products or services can be polished up and repackaged as something completely fresh. The phrase “Back by popular demand” can work wonders, here.

Whether you’re repackaging, holding a contest, adding value, un-retiring a product, or bringing something back by popular demand, I dare you to get out there and make everything old new again.

P.S.  Celebrate your (business) crockpot.