Too much cauliflower (and other reasons your coaches are failing you) - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Too much cauliflower (and other reasons your coaches are failing you)

“Therapy doesn’t work. It just…doesn’t.”
“Well,” I ask, “did you ever tell your therapist the truth?”
::eye dart:: “Yah…”
“The whole truth?”
“No, of course not. Those parts of me are too messy to be seen.”
“Ah, you gave them cauliflower. The real problem was that you don’t know how to be in the world after [insert traumatic event], and you told them your cauliflower wasn’t seasoned correctly, metaphorically speaking. So you talked about how to cook cauliflower, and which spices to use, and you looked up cauliflower tricks and you now make the best cauliflower on Earth, but…cauliflower was never really the problem.”

Whether you’re working with a coach, a therapist, a trainer, a teacher, a mentor, a facilitator, a spiritual advisor, or a mastermind group, telling the deep truth is the only way to get meaningful help.

Yes, you want more clients.
But really? You’re afraid of being seen.
And really? You only want 3 more clients.
And really? You want to leave your husband soon, so you want to store the income from those 3 clients away before you move out.

Okay, then.

The deep truth is the place where big shifts begin to happen.

The company restarts, triples, shuts down, moves on, or rises from the ashes.
The marriage ends, restarts, doubles down, or lets go.
The clients flock to you or run from you.
The family members mock you or embrace you.

Deep truth is the way of living fully in the world, and I’m begging you to tell it. If only to yourself, if only for a moment.

Tell yourself the deep truth, and act accordingly.

It’s not nearly as painful as shutting yourself down, closing yourself off, or looking up one more cauliflower recipe for tonight’s meal.

P.S. Opening is an act.