Be the pink tree. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Be the pink tree.

It’s Spring.  There are 9.8 million brown trees waiting to unfurl their new leaves.

And there are a few trees getting all the attention.

The pink trees.

You know the pink trees — the ones that aren’t afraid to bloom a little early.

To be a little different.

To show up first and start dancing.

To be the center of attention.

To rock their unique talents.

To share their gifts with all the world.

To be outrageous in their boldness, their cleverness, their commitment to color.

Be the pink tree.

When the rain comes and the mud sucks at your boots.

When you’re tempted to bloom with all the others.

When you can no longer bear being anything but yourself.  Entirely yourself.

Be the pink tree.

P.S.  I’m proud of you.