To succeed, you have to risk failure. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

To succeed, you have to risk failure.

When I’m talking with peeps and we’ve just figured out their latest pricing/branding/marketing move, I’ve learned to expect it.

A deep pause.  And then: “Do you think it will work?”

Yes, yes I do.  But I don’t know it will work. No one does.  Same goes for “Will I make it?” and “How’s this promotion look to you?”  I make educated guesses.  I don’t know anything will work, ever.  And neither do you.

Such is the nature of being in business.  Deep pauses and the question: “Do you think it will work?”

Each of us, we business owners, are only making educated guesses.  If it feels right and we’re reasonably confident in the results, we move forward.

This is how you write a book in less than a month, how you fund wildly adventurous trans-continental journeys, and how you lay your dreams on the line in order to keep building a business.

You let the deep pause come.

You feel the breath of failure on your neck; hot, sticky, and uncomfortable.

You move forward, regardless.

I am not immune to failure, but I am open to it.  Truth be told, I’m behind schedule for my latest writing project, and I’m prone to crying when someone sends a mean e-mail my way.  (It happens every so often, and I’m never never NEVER immune to feeling the anger/hate/spite behind people’s words.)

Let me repeat:  I am not immune to failure, but I am open to it.

Wild successes only come from taking chances and risking huge, embarrassing failures.

And baby, I’m taking chances.  I hope you are, too.

P.S.  The tender-hearted guide to big, big change.

Photo // Jon Canlas