Boundaries are the best thing EVER. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Boundaries are the best thing EVER.

Today on That’s What She Said, a reader question about boundaries!

“…when setting boundaries, is it necessary/important to verbalize the boundaries to the person crossing them, or if the boundaries are clear inside my head, is that good enough? Meaning… Is it okay to politely decline or tell a white lie? How important is assertiveness in setting boundaries? (I’m pretty bad at assertiveness. I want to be assertive so very badly.)”

I tackle all these questions and a few that weren’t answered in this episode of That’s What She Said, brought to you straight from the living room of my Parisian apartment during the final leg of my European trip.

If you’ve a chronic people pleaser, an everyday white lie-maker, or the resentful soul who shows up at parties or events because you couldn’t think of a good reason not to do so, this one’s for you.

Bonus! We talk about how boundaries affect your attitudes toward things like oral sex — and why that’s a very, very good thing. OBVIOUSLY.

P.S. You’ll need episode 48, the 3 types of business time, after listening to this.