Making Space in Your Business - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Making Space in Your Business

Summer is one of the few times society reserves for slowing down. (Also it’s one of the few times that reading a book is a LEGIT activity. I’ll meet you on the beach with a stack of ’em.) Suddenly, it’s okay to take more than an hour to respond to e-mails, you’re ‘allowed’ to go on vacation, and you don’t have to work weekends or overtime in order to ‘count’ as an upstanding member of society.


Let’s make space for more than simply slowing down; let’s actively reclaim the bits of our selves, our lives, and our businesses that have been consumed by the general muck-y creep of being alive. And let’s do it with 4 5-minute-ish podcasts, because shouldn’t you be at the beach by now?

Let’s get to making space.

Making space, like getting out from under the e-mail monster and engaging in revolutionary acts guaranteed to help you tighten the grip of your inbox on your life.

What if you spent less time fiddling with e-mail and more time doing absolutely nothing productive?

Making space, like refusing to give one more drop of attention to people, places, organizations, or businesses that take, alter, use, drain, or manipulate your energy. (Whether you acknowledge it or not, every single interaction you have during every moment of every day affects your energy. Making healthier choices means eliminating the uselessly bad, awful, terrible, or stabby energy where you find it.)

What if you eliminated your favorite forms of perfection porn from your life?

Making space, like allowing the not-so-great bits of your life to reveal their lessons in a blaze of messy glory.

What if you stopped beating yourself up for that thing that was definitely-with-a-capital-D a failure?

Making space, like allowing money to come into your business instead of spending all your time being very, very busy making stuff and then never sharing it, or sharing it but never asking people to buy it, or asking people to buy it but making them click 17 links to get to checkout. (Not that I’ve ever been guilty of aaaaaany of these things…never.)

What if you made time for money to flow into your life as easily as you allow coffee to flow into your cup each morning? We all know caffeine and dollars go hand in hand. 😉

P.S. This episode of That’s What She Said is worth your time if you want to learn more about magic, muggle, and mogul time, which are discussed in Making Space for Money.