22 ways to ask for help - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

22 ways to ask for help

If you’re anything like me, asking for help is a tricky matter. You’re fiercely independent and don’t want anyone to think you haven’t got your shit together, or that you’re not capable of handling the challenges you’re facing at the moment. Only…people want to help.

Your partner wants to rub your back.

Your coworkers want to help plan the party.

Your sister wants to know when you’re in over your head, and your colleagues want to know how giving you a ten-minute tutorial can benefit your work life.

Only your brain is an asshole, so it says that OF COURSE NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU, DUMBASS, and then you go about trying to achieve 7 weeks’ worth of activities in 7 hours because you are, in fact, a superhero.

What if you ask for help?

Even though it’s hard and it sucks and you feel the warm wash of shame when you admit you need it…what if you ask anyway?

In the spirit of asking for help, here are 22 ways to do the deed.

Would you be willing to ____________?
Can you teach me how to ____________?
I have ____________ and you have ___________, can we trade?
I’ve got free time to help you __________ if you could check into this: _____________.
Can you take a look at this?
In case of zombie attack, I would save you. Here’s how you can save me…
Do you have five minutes to hop on the phone with me?
This will be easier than talking to your weird uncle at Thanksgiving dinner: _______________.
Is it okay to call you/text you/come over later this afternoon about ___________?
If I help you __________, will you _____________?
I could use _______________ this week.
I’ve been trying to ask for more help lately, and so…
Would you mind ______________?
Remember how you offered to _____________? I could use that now.
I’ll give you ten bucks and a high five if you know the answer to this question. _____?
Google couldn’t help with this, maybe you can?
You asked if you could help and this is how.
Here’s what I need: __________________.
Given the choice between helping me and getting a root canal, I know you’d choose helping me. Here’s the situation: _________________.
I know you’d rather be on Facebook, but this will only take 90 seconds…
Respond to this e-mail for an Amazon gift card.
Help. Please. Now. Mayday.

P.S. I know asking for help is The Actual Worst.  But.  How many lights on your dashboard are blinking?