How to turn your toughest days around. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

How to turn your toughest days around.

Ever have one of those days when you wake up exhausted?

When you sort of have a sore throat/runny nose/icky stomach feeling and you know you could push it — but if you just rest, you’ll be fine tomorrow?


Just this once. Instead of pushing through — rest.

Give yourself a break.
Cancel your appointments with a smile and self love.
Choose a quiet activity to tackle instead of pushing through your body’s signals (again) .
Make tea, hug the people you adore, and get comfy on the couch.
Read a book.
Watch a movie.
Savor the simplicity of a lazy day.

It’s only by giving yourself permission to rest when you need it that you can do your most important work in the world.

You know, the work you were made to do.  The images you were meant to create, the words you were meant to pen.  The kids you were meant to love.  The paintings, the crafts, the programs, the products, the inspiration, the motivation you were put here to create — THAT work.

It doesn’t happen when you’re not at your best. It feels hard and distant, so there’s no use fighting your body’s signals.

Give up. Rest. And hit it harder tomorrow.

P.S.  If resting is tricky for you, you’ve probably got Resting Bitch Voice. Lemme help.