9 ways to sell without being salesy - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

9 ways to sell without being salesy

As a person whose love language is gift-giving, and who’s done gift hoarding buying this year, I’ve been taking careful notes of how to sell well and how to sell poorly: how to make the “ick” factor go off like a 5-alarm fire and how to keep the “ick” factor nice and low while amping up the warm fuzzies like a toasty fireplace crackling on a winter’s night.

When I’m actually tempted to buy something I 100% don’t need, someone somewhere has mastered the art of selling without being salesy.  It’s a subtle practice, but one you can master with a careful eye and a bit of practice.

Here are my top 9 ways to sell without being salesy:

Make an honest recommendation to a potential client about what they should buy — even if it’s not something you offer.

Add 5 images of a product to its current description on your website.

Use this phrase everywhere: “If you like ______, you’ll love _______!”

Share a client success story.  Their goal plus your product or service equals client success!

Endorse other goods or services in addition to/right next to your own.

Feature before and after videos of any part of your business process or your clients’ transformations.

Personally respond to e-mails in a pleasantly persistent way.  (Use the f-word: follow-up.)

Forget logic and ‘being professional’ — tell me why my heart should care about what you’re offering.  In other words, get weird.

List 3 nitty gritty, ultra-specific benefits your business provides for peeps.  (Give special attention to the ones no one knows about because you’ve never mentioned them anywhere!)

Share the ‘why’ behind a single product or service, not just the ‘what.’

You’ll want to pick up a copy of Introverts at Work: sales and marketing alternatives for quiet entrepreneurs if you’re afraid of selling, suck at selling, or want more information just like this to help you move your magical creations without feeling like a douchenozzle.

P.S.  30-second sales tweaks that don’t suck.