Consider this your permission. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Consider this your permission.

If you adore something, use it.  Show it.  Embrace your love of plaid, your preppy side, your polka dotted background.  (Don’t let anyone tell you x, y, or z is awful if you find it remarkable.)

If you hate something, don’t do it.  If you loathe blogging, find another way to reach your audience.  If you are nauseated by traditional ways of doing things, don’t do them.  If you abhor color photos, shoot only black and white.  If you retch at the thought of digital photography, shoot film.

Consider this your permission.

You are good enough.  You are brave enough.  You can treat yourself and your artwork with dignity.

Consider this your permission.

Get out there and fail without beating yourself up about it.  Get out there and make a friend, work with a business, hold a contest, try out a promotion.  If it fails, minimize it.  If it succeeds, pat yourself on the back.

Consider this your permission to succeed.

Be the fullest, bravest you on the planet.  Learn and grow, certainly, but celebrate your progress as well.

Consider this your permission.

I was twenty years old and completing my degree in English before someone told me I didn’t have to read a book simply because I’d started it.  It’s so simple, right?  I just needed permission.

Let this be your permission.

P.S. What if you already know?