Celebrate your progress. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Celebrate your progress.

business progress

I’ve been watching too much Ace of Cakes, obviously.  Last night I decided that building a gingerbread house can’t be *that* difficult and went to work with royal icing and a slightly-deformed icing bag.  Um.  The coffee table is covered in a thin layer of icing.  The front Christmas tree is leaning to the right.

For God’s sake, the snowman has a unibrow.

This is also, I have to remind myself, a first attempt.  I’ve never piped icing from a bag or assembled a house made of gingerbread.  The fact that it’s still standing is a testament to my progress in the happenin’ world of gingerbread houses.

The same principle applies to business.  If this is your first business, and particularly your first few years in business, you’re a work in progress.  It’s easy to say you’ve effed up your application of royal icing or your snowman is leaning precariously to the side.

For a moment, let’s ignore your mistakes and consider your progress.

This year, have you:

Your gingerbread house of a business may not be perfect, but I’ll wager that it IS making progress.

Take a moment to remind yourself of your own accomplishments.

No one has it all together, and not a single human’s past is free of mistakes and failures.  You’re making progress and you’re pretty awesome, too.

P.S.  Note to self.  For every overachiever out there.  (Not that I know aaaaaanything about that.)