Sharing a Shamrock Shake with Bill Murray

Sharing a Shamrock Shake with Bill Murray

The other night, I dreamed that my Dad and I were in Punxsutawney to hear John Candy’s stand-up routine when Bill Murray showed up and asked for a sip of my shamrock shake. (Obviously.)

When we makers and business owners doubt our creativity or think we’ve got nothing new to say, isn’t it neat that our brains can conjure this shit up?

John Candy is dead, shamrock shakes are out of season, my Dad and I aren’t planning a roadtrip, and Bill Murray…yah yah yah yah yah, my brain gestures impatiently. JUST WATCH.

The creative act — whether you’re making dinner or a new product or a different service or a movie or painting or a day that feels better than yesterday — comes with plenty of roadblocks that make logical sense.

You’re tired.
You’re out of cash.
You’ve got no supplies.
You’re not as good as ______________.

But that doesn’t stop Bill Murray from showing up and sharing your shamrock shake. You’ve only got to get out of your own way and watch the dream, already in progress…

A great indicator of your dreams’ zaniness and general Bill Murray factor, as well as your ability to make stuff, is indicated by your input.  Your willingness to take time out to read books, listen to podcasts, go fishing, look at art, take walks, and/or otherwise do enjoyable activities that you deem life-giving and fulfilling.

Listen to the input versus output podcast episode to get caught up, and maybe Bill will show up in your dreams, too.

P.S.  How to find a way in to your creative process.