Spring cleaning without the Windex - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Spring cleaning without the Windex

Every year, when spring hits, I go a teensy bit crazy. I start working on tasks that I’ve ignored all winter like the fate of the world depends on them. Like…

The stovetop must be scoured, the windows must be washed, the painting must be touched up.


It gets a little crazy. Then, inevitably, the place looks better.

SO much better that I notice the light fixture in the bathroom is looking a little…dated.
And the kitchen housewares could use a good purging.
And I’d reaaaaaally like this new wallpaper for the bedroom.

The list goes on and on.

One good change leads to another, just the way we all used to be disgusted by green smoothies and now we suck ’em down without thinking twice.

I’m not going to advocate over-the-top cleaning of your house today. But I am going to ask…

Where can you do a bit of spring cleaning in your business?

I’m not talking the back-breaking, trip to Lowe’s for $300 worth of gardening supplies kind — just the mental kind.

Whose voices are in your head? Are they worth listening to?

Who are you listening to when no one is around? I hope it’s someone who supports and encourages you. A friend, a mentor, an icon who offers kind words.

If it’s not — if it’s the voice of your mother-in-law, or those mean girls from high school that you still haven’t managed to shake, or that one time your partner’s confidence in you flagged and then some pretty awful things were said, so now you repeat the unkindnesses over and over — I dare you to change the channel.  Related: get picky.

Let the voice of adventure, of ease, and/or of enthusiasm drown out the haters.

Embrace the energy Spring brings to get out there and love the shit out of your business without hiding, doubting yourself to the ends of the earth, or second-guessing yourself into next Tuesday.

Call it good enough.
Call it done.
Let it out.
Tell us about it. (Or at least, tell HER about it.)

You don’t have to make big, grand gestures to let your genius into the world. Sometimes you just need to scrub your mental basement stairs and then take the next step.

Send the e-mail, make the phone call, write the note. (Hell, write the book.)

When those voices pop up to tell you that you’re not good enough, that you suck, that you’re wasting you’re time, that you’re too busy for this, or that you should be further along by now — spray ’em with Windex. I’m pretty sure NOTHING can survive that shit. 😉

If you’re all, oh man…spring means I pretty much want to redo my whole freaking website from the ground up…

Introverts at Work will help you define and then refine your particular business flavor so that you appeal to your peeps.

YOUR peeps, not anyone else’s. The ones who love (or hate) Harry Potter (see: my magic school for entrepreneurs), who love (or hate) fancy handbags, the peeps who love (or hate) handlebar mustaches and the latest coldbrew coffees. YOUR peeps. It’s time you found ’em.

P.S. Konmari (that doesn’t suck) for your business.