Dare to be unsexy with your dollars. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Dare to be unsexy with your dollars.

When it comes to money advice, there’s a whole lot of help available in the “making more” department. As a business coach and an entrepreneur myself, I know the pull of “more.”

Ask any business owner to start defining goals, and just one word answers every question.

How many clients would you like? More.
How much money would you like to earn? More.
How many products do you want to sell? More.

“More” is the convenient answer to any question we’d rather not take time to think about. It always suffices, it’s always praised by others, and it’s easy to pop into our go-go-go-go-go day planning.

“More” is so damn sexy that it’s the name of a magazine with a circulation of over 1.3 million people.

It’s the call of our society, of our businesses, of our everyday lives: more.

Only more takes time.
More takes effort.
More takes energy.

What if what we want more of is peace, or freedom, or quiet afternoons on the beach?
What if the “more” call in our hearts is for time to read, to knit, or to laze over a bottle of wine for hours with the person we love most in the world?

That’s when it’s time to define “enough.”

What’s the amount of money that’s simply enough?

Enough to pay the monthly bills.
Enough to make regular credit card payments.
Enough to leave gaps in the calendar for serendipity.
Enough to sock a little cash away into investments.
Quite simply, enough.

“Enough” isn’t the slightest bit sexy. “Enough” doesn’t get a magazine or a TV show, and it doesn’t make news or headlines. “Enough” will never be found underpinning the launch of a brand or the latest Kardashian scandal.

But damn it, “enough” is what gets us through. “Enough” allows us to rest when we’re tired, to eat when we’re hungry, and to play when we’ve beaten our brains to a pulp with work and stress and strategizing and striving.

“Enough” instantly tips us into gratitude — into acknowledging that we literally have enough in this moment. If not enough money, then enough love, enough safety, enough shelter to see another day through to the end.

It’s one of the greatest challenges you’ll face as an entrepreneur — to resist the appeal of “more” and take it upon yourself to define “enough.”

And to melt into gratitude when you reach it. (Even if you need to answer just one more e-mail or sell just one more thing. I know. I get it. Enough. 😉

P.S.  Let me walk you through the process of finding your EXACT enough number.  Please!