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Oh hey!  I’m Kristen.  I’m a total introvert and have never once given an elevator speech, but let’s pretend all that practicing I did while learning to be ‘professional’ and wearing too-tight pencil skirts wasn’t for nothing!

::imaginary elevator doors close::

I help people tune in to the deep truth of who they are instead of looking to experts or 7-part revolutionary(!) money-making(!) systems for answers. I’ll help you feel feels, make peace with your introverted nature, and get braver.  Often I do this through the lens of business, sometimes through poetry, and sometimes by being so vulnerable it hurts to breathe — particularly when I talk about things like my battle with depression.  And tenderness.  And coming out of the spiritual closet.

Instead of playing the ‘more more more’ game that’s so popular right now (had the six-figure launch a few years ago, felt even more dead inside as a result), I’m playing the ‘deeper deeper deeper’ game.

Stick with me if you want to tease more meaning and joy out of your everyday life while bringing your truest work into the world.

We can work together for 1-on-1 business coaching for a whole year in KK on Tap.  Think phone calls, group meetings, archive access, free workshop tickets, access to all the new things I create, and email support whenever you need it!

Not ready for a whole year?  The Softness Sessions will introduce you to ways you can be kinder to yourself internally, connect with your intuition, and start clearing the bullshit that holds you back.

My courses can help you break up with your phone or communicate regularly with your customers even though you’d rather diiiiieeee than send a weekly email

My books will help you make sense of business without being boring AF.

::imaginary elevator doors open onto glorious library a la Beauty and the Beast, only with more confetti and an adoring puppy named Neville (who is my actual dog!!!!) ::

I’ve rounded up a bunch of starting points for diving deeper into your life at the moment.

If you only read one article, I want you to know: of course you deserve it.

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