The Art of the Little Win - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

The Art of the Little Win

You don’t have enough time to do it the perfect way.

It would take six years to write a novel at your pace. It will take six months to make a single painting with the little time you steal away.

The graphic designer you want to hire has a one year waitlist.

All true. All true. And yet.

Sometimes the answer is to just do it — to go for the little win.

You can go the Pinteresting route and take 8 steps to create a gallery wall in your house, or you can eyeball it and just start hammering.

You can make an editorial calendar for the next six months, or you can write a blog post and publish it today.

You can plan your whole year around the new brand or product or service or novel you’re going to create, or you can hammer out a first draft.

You can dream and scheme and ponder and consider until you’re blue in the face and you’ve exhausted every member of your immediate family with your plans, or you can show them what you did today.

You wrote 300 words. You mailed four letters. You wrote, designed, and scheduled your next newsletter. You decided to pay yourself with your business.  (This article can help with that.)

Get it live. Get it moving.

There is virtue in getting it done.

There is momentum in progress, no matter how small.

There is untold energy in moving through fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Pick up the hammer, the pen, the trowel, the tablet, the notebook, the camera, the tools…and begin.

Go for the little win.

P.S.  Let’s find a way in to your creative work.