Choose love: a business manifesto. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Choose love: a business manifesto.

Your business is a vehicle for imagining your best life.

It’s designed to help you get there.
And if it’s not fun or working for you or speaking to your heart, change it.

Stop doing the bits that make you crazy. Hire ’em out.
Move ’em along. Refer the job — with love — to someone else.

Start taking care of the bits that need to be nourished.
The people, the clients, the human beings behind that e-mail, that Tweet, that Facebook post, that phone.

We are all human beings, looking for connection with other human beings.
When your business reaches out and touches, on a human being to human being level, it will succeed.

Start seeing more people in person.
Through sales, if you’d like, but in general as well.
Start measuring your business value in hugs per day, not in dollars, and you’ll see where it’s truly succeeding.

Again and again, choose to make your business align with your heart.

Even when it’s painful.
Even when it hurts to breathe because people just don’t get it, or you, or your true intentions.

Again and again, make the choice to love.
In your business, in your life, and in your heart.

Choose love.
Again and again.

Choose love.

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