Bikram and business: a killer combo. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Bikram and business: a killer combo.

Recently, a friend convinced me to try Bikram yoga.

In case you’re not aware of what that means because there are 3.7 million types of yoga, here’s a rundown.

You put on entirely too little workout clothing, all of which has been designed for those who weigh no more than 72 pounds and inevitably ends up lodged in your bum crack, and then enter a room that’s heated to BALLS HOT. (105 degrees or more.) You rent a towel for your first few classes, because the “official” towel costs $63.95. (You’re not that committed.) You move through the 90 minute class in a fit of self-loathing (YOU CHOSE THIS), hating every breath because it means you haven’t passed out yet (WHY, SWEET BABY JESUS, WHHHYYY), sweating all over yourself while twisting your body all around and inhaling your own sweet stink. Also, you are asked to make yourself a Japanese ham sandwich. What does that even MEAN!?

Even if you think you’re going to pass out or vomit, there’s one rule: STAY IN THE ROOM.

Even if you can’t breathe. Even if you’re convinced you’re going to die.
Even if you can’t do a single pose or move a single muscle so you just lie on the floor.

Stay in the room.

There’s something to be said for this practice, even if it sucks.

Stay in the room.

Doing business can feel like you’re out of breath, exhausted, dripping sweat and out of energy. It can be an uncomfortable, marathon-like experience.

You’ve sent the promotion. You’ve read the e-mails and returned the calls. You’ve met with the client. You’ve sold the work.

Stay in the room.

Instant results aren’t the only results you can expect, even though we’re trained to think so. Some things take time and practice.

Repeated and sustained effort.

Sweat. Grit. Waiting it out, lying on the floor when necessary.

And when it’s all said and done? You’re stronger.

You’re building your business, you’re strengthening your client roster, you’re earning the dollars, you’re learning and growing in ways you’ve never imagined.

It isn’t easy, but it IS worth it.

Just for today…stay in the room.

Stay with it.
Give yourself grace when the results aren’t evident.
Give yourself credit for showing up at all.

You’re here, on this planet, doing your work.
Soak it in. Lie on the floor if you have to, but stay in the room.

You’ve got this moment, this breath, this opportunity to stay with it. (Even though you kinda wanna puke and you’re all sweaty and gross and want it to be done NOW.)

Stay in the room.

Because when you do leave, way after all the others have ducked out, you’ll feel the cool air against your skin and know you’ve done your work. You’re fully alive, and it’s fucking divine.

P.S.  I’m not a machine, and neither are you.