How to break boxes and set yourself free. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

How to break boxes and set yourself free.

Sometimes we’re sailing along smoothly in life and then we hit what feels like a wall.
An impenetrable wall that we can’t see around or through or under.

We’ve come to the corners of our own boxes —
the boxes we’ve made that no longer fit, or work — and it hurts.

It hurts to feel the confines you’ve created close around you.
It hurts to know the boundaries you’ve created no longer serve you.
Hell, it even hurts to watch.

The clients no longer fit.
The business feels off.
The dreams have gone stale.
The relationship took its dying breath a few miles back.

In these moments, pressed against those walls and desperate,
the only thing that can possibly help is the hard work of breaking our own boxes.

The hard, hard work of shattering the ways we’ve come to shape the world that no longer work.

We’ve all been here.
We’ve all seen the work we need to do to move forward.

So we get rid of this, we move that — and we can breathe again.

But here’s where we get hung up.

Instead of going about our own work, our own box-breaking and cage-smashing,
we watch people who seem to be soaring
and think we’ve got it all wrong.

We get caught on a jealousy trip or a comparison train.
We get endlessly sidetracked from our work
by watching the people who are committed to breaking their own boxes.

We’re not jealous of what they have, we’re jealous of the
courage they have to keep on
smashing what isn’t working to smithereens.

But we’re just as capable as they are of rearranging our mental furniture, frequently and ruthlessly.

The book — gone.
The project? No more.
The final product? Tweaked.
And THAT?! Gone forever.

By breaking the boxes that no longer work — in business and in life —
we’re free to explore the wide open expanse
of human experience.

So go smash some boxes.
Go liberate your freaking heart.

Go free yourself.

P.S.  I’m happy to help you break boxes via business coaching — and don’t you dare settle for fine.