How to get people buying and booking whenever you want. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

How to get people buying and booking whenever you want.

“I never discount my work!” is something my peeps say when I’m working with them, but they usually don’t know an alternative to getting people to book in a timely fashion.

The secret to enticing people to do what you want is called an incentive.

No one is asking you to discount your work. I am asking that you consider creating an incentive for booking your services to get a jump on your business calendar for the next six months.

An incentive is an extra-special reason to buy something.

For example, when I ordered my Pajama Jeans, I received a gray t-shirt as an incentive. (Don’t judge!  They were good until they died a tragic death during their second trip to the washer.)

Open the Sunday newspaper and you’ll see make-up counter incentives all over the place: spend $50 and receive a free purse full of samples. Spend $60 and receive this perfume bottle free!

Incentives are free WITH PURCHASE. Discounts are one type of incentive, but it’s terribly uncreative to stop there, as a business owner.

Half off all portrait sessions! is a discount.

Receive a $10 Starbucks gift card to enjoy lattes after your photo shoot with any portrait session booking is an incentive.

Save 10% on any order placed within the next 72 hours is a discount.

Receive a complimentary accordion album for any order placed within the next 72 hours is an incentive.

See what’s shaking, there? Both methods encourage people to book your services or place an order, but the incentives we’re aiming to create avoid putting your work on sale.

Grab your timer, set it for seven minutes, and brainstorm 10 incentives you can offer clients to entice them to book within X days of announcing the promotion.

Create a single incentive push for each of the next six months, and you’ve got yourself a marketing calendar. (Oooh, how sneaky!)

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Photo // Heaven McArthur