Foreboding joy and the secret skinnyfat way of living

Foreboding joy and the sneaky skinnyfat way of living

KK at the beach.

Dude. (Or dudette, but holy crap I’ve always thought dudette sounds like a lame title. So…)

Dude. Have you ever felt like your enjoyment of what’s currently happening meant that something terrible was waiting around the corner, or like a happy scene in a movie is only designed to set up the awful thing that’s about to happen?

Yah. Me, too.

That’s up for discussion in today’s episode of That’s What She Said: the secret belief that if you don’t enjoy this moment all the way down to its deepest bits and bathe yourself in the joy of life, that you can actually prevent the something bad that’s about to happen. (Only you can’t, and you know you can’t, but somehow you feel better about it if you deny the happy, wibbly, soft, fun, or gleeful bits…)

Let’s talk about that, and about the simple (but not easy) way that you can beat the foreboding joy like you beat the skinnyfat clothing trend that’s everywhere by wearing clothing that actually freaking FITS. ::coughbutIdigresscough::

Listen in.

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