Successful sales: a 30-second lesson - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Successful sales: a 30-second lesson

No one wanted to buy the necklaces she was selling.  That didn’t stop her, so she kept at it until we stopped to purchase a set of necklaces.

Relentless 1, Tourists 0.

Here’s where the genius happens.  She sold me a necklace and asked, “Are you happy?”

When I said “Yes,” she turned to my friend and said, “You could be happy, too!

She then proceeded to sell 4 more necklaces and two slingshots to three of my counterparts.  Happiness 3, Tourists 0.

Yes, you sell portraits or handmade items or massages or consulting or digital downloads.

What do you REALLY sell?

Make your product a stand-in for what you’re REALLY selling and you could triple your sales.  I’ve seen it happen. 😉

P.S.  How to sell more of absolutely anything.