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50 everyday acts of rebellion.

Rebellion is often portrayed as Princess Leia risking life and limb to sneak around with Death Star plans, but everyday acts of rebellion can help us advance our ideals in a sustainable way.

Rebellion and resistance are often most effective when they keep us sane, happy, and capable of empathy in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. It’s our job to keep our joy, to do our work, and to resist in every small and large way possible. …and if you’re tired and out of energy, start small.

Rebellion can be small, but vital; seemingly insignificant, but capable of moving the needle forward today. Key word: TODAY.

1. Subscribe to a newspaper.
2. Read a book. (One of mine, even!)
3. Get and then use your library card.
4. Buy an album or a record instead of downloading a single from iTunes.
5. Support local music.
6. Boycott homophobic restaurant chains.
7. Register to vote.
8. Run for office.
9. Turn your phone off for the day. (Yes allthewayoff.)
10. Write a poem.
11. Add your representatives to your phone’s Favorites.
12. Actually call your representatives. (I know, introverts, I know.)
13. Make beautiful moments and don’t capture them in any way.
14. Sell art for charity.
15. Meet up with people like you in person.
16. Spend time with the sea.
17. Take notes in the margins.
18. Give up sugar.
19. Or alcohol.
20. Or both.
21. Smile at a stranger.
22. Attend a scholarly lecture.
23. Let out your weird.
24. Let yourself feel what you actually feel instead of pretending you’re fine.
25. Work from home without losing your mind.
26. Make space for your wild.
27. Stand firm.
28. Stop worshiping at the altar of Busy.
29. Gather your people and love them hard.
30. Quit social media for as long as you’d like.
31. Write a love letter.
32. Support your favorite artist, maker, guru, or leader. Likes and thank you’s don’t pay the bills.
33. Be at home with yourself.
34. Fuck. Make love. Both/and.
35. Ask for help.
36. Ask for help, ask for help, ask for help.
37. Make space for what you really want.
38. Give up on the ‘next level.’ It doesn’t exist.
39. Give up on using buzzwords, period.
40. Embrace your spiritual practice.
41. Hang your heart out to dry.
42. Assume people want what you have to offer.
43. Call out your asshole brain for what it is: an asshole.
44. Say your dreams that will not die out loud.
45. Acknowledge the pain of turning yourself down.
46. Ask more questions.
47. Change the tapes.
48. Eat well and hydrate.
49. Rest.
50. Choose love.

Ultimately, being a vital and alive, well-rested human is an act of rebellion.  Whatever you do from there is a bonus.

The Uprising.

There is no name for a nation
undoing its moral underpinnings,
freeing itself from the constraints
of the democratic experiment
the same way a woman sighs with such relief
when taking off her bra before bed.

There is no name for the dreams that come after:
drowning, climbing, plummeting to a certain death
and waking to find only faint sunlight
making its way through the window.

There are no maps for this place,
this soft burning that is not hate
but keeps trying to be.

There is no name for the uprising of the human heart.

P.S. 69 more of my poems here.

Your brain is (still) an asshole.

You’re not the only one who feels as if the world is, in some way, ending, while a new one is being born. You’re not the only one who’s scared, or the only one who’s tired, or the only one who’s walking around in a daze going, ‘DEAR GOD, HOW DID I GET HERE?’ Whether that ‘here’ is in your business or your home life, in the arrangement of your basement clutter or the arrangement of your community’s politics.

You’re not the only one who sees fires burning everywhere and doesn’t know which one to put out first.

It’s important to remember that, since your brain will naturally try to convince you that you’re the only one. The only one who’s scared. The only one who’s having a tough time. The only one who wants to sink into despair. The only one who’s overwhelmed. The only one who’s struggling to find a new normal. The only one who cries as you watch the news or scroll through your Facebook feed.


In today’s episode of That’s What She Said, we dismantle some of the sneakier ways your brain is an asshole.  Instead of calling you stupid or saying you’re a failure, your brain will provide a nearly endless loop of reasons you can’t _______________, then do its best to keep you from meeting other humans who will prove your asshole brain wrong.

Keeping you in the dark, feeling as if you’re all alone, is your asshole brain’s ultimate goal. Let’s prevent it from winning, shall we?

P.S. Another classic asshole brain line: “But what if no one wants it?