Ever think you don't deserve it? - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Ever think you don’t deserve it?

During a recent workshop, I met a man who wants to photograph Native Americans living in a small village in Germany. They are an anomaly, and they fascinate him.

When questioned about why he hasn’t done this project yet, even though he’s been dreaming of it for years, tears came to his eyes and he whispered, “I don’t deserve it.” He isn’t alone in that feeling.

Our heart projects often feel as if they’re too good for us.

As if they are too personal, too fantastic, too absolutely soul-affirming to be deserved.  As if we haven’t done enough good in this lifetime to have “earned” feeling so alive.  (When I first arrived in Kenya, with the kids dancing around with me at Flying Kites, I literally felt like I was having a heart attack. My heart was so full that I couldn’t process the emotions swirling within it.)

Let me be clear: you deserve to have a heart that’s full to bursting.

These heart projects are what keep us alive. If a project matters to you — if you yearn to make it happen — then it matters. It changes the world, end of story.

We don’t have to compare ourselves to Mother freaking Teresa to be succeeding! We only have to push our own limits while doing the absolute best we can at this point in time.

Judging your project as “unworthy” kills a vital piece of you. Don’t do that to yourself! My heart project is no better than yours — or anyone else’s for that matter.

Those dreams are so frigging beautiful that they bring me to tears, and no one is no better than the other! But each one requires careful planning and prioritizing to happen.

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