The Rad Humans 6-Pack - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

The Rad Humans 6-Pack

As it’s summer — and therefore road trip season — I thought you might enjoy hearing from some rad humans.  Nothing opens up the miles and feels more like possibility to me than listening to a good interview (or set of interviews!) on a long, long drive.  I hope you love each of these peeps as much as I do by the time you’re done!

A quick word of transparency: peeps are paid for their interviews, or I donate their compensation to charity at their request.  It’s important to me that people, particularly women, are paid for sharing their expertise in dollars, not ‘exposure.’ 

Now, on to the rad humans!

Hey Berna makes talking about money not only accessible, but fun, and is guaranteed to make you laugh.  Even when talking about things like budgeting and debt.  WHY YES SHE IS AN ANGEL.

Kristin Saylor is a combination of many things: priest, breathwork practitioner, and triathlete.  Her interview is about being unboxable — i.e. unapologetically loving many things, and doing a great job at all of them, no matter how disparate they may seem.

Bear Hebert is a life and business coach who’s firmly anti-capitalist.  Wait, whut? How does that work?  How can we be in business and against capitalism at the same time?  What might a more just world built within this one look like?  Those are great questions.  Listen in for the answers.

Kiwi Schloffel is the creator-genius behind Craft Boner, and during her interview we talk about everything from being an only child living in the woods to Harry Potter to vaginas to cards to business to crossing the six-figure threshold while still feeling wildly, utterly bad at business.

Aimee Derbes is a goddamn marvel.  Acupuncturist, breathworker, energy healer, reiki master, naturopath, and holder of too many other certifications to count, she shows up to talk about what healing looks like in the modern world, as well as simple and utterly cheap healing methods you might not have tried.

Beth Pickens says she’s not an artist, but she’s written books and pamphlets that are nothing short of miraculous for artists.  We talk her book, Your Art Will Save Your Life, as well as how to stay woke but also FUNCTION and have fun, how to engage politically and maintain your creative practice, and the importance of starting and building a real-life community.

P.S. Sarah Von Bargen is a rad human and money genius who’s been interviewed twice! Hear her talk money or happiness.